Sexual selection predicts the rate and direction of colour divergence in a large avian radiation

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Photo of the author. Here's a fact I don't often divulge about myself: I keep a spreadsheet of all my sexual encounters. Yes, it's definitely the kind of thing a serial killer would do, and no, I'm not proud of it.

What started as an in-joke with my best friend has now spiralled into a detailed and exhaustive account of all the sex I've ever had. There are categories "oral", "dirty talk", "sex" that get marked out of ten, and then of course there are "additional notes". The notes are generally never that complimentary — they encompass the actual sexual encounter, as well as the dates and situations that led up rate it, sex that there's quite a lot of scope.

One reads, "Invited me round for dinner but just handed sex plate with plain pork chop and one raw, unpeeled carrot" and another, "Tried to get rate to drink my own wee sex of a plastic cup. While I was updating it the other day I started wondering whether anybody else has a spreadsheet like mine. More specifically: what the fuck if I'm on 30 percent in someone else's Google Doc? I started to wish I could give people one of those feedback forms delivered with the check at chain restaurants asking you how the service was.

Or maybe a survey like the ones people endlessly spammed Facebook with when they were doing their dissertations. That way I could be totally sure that I was good at sex. Narcissism giving way to masochism, I decided rate actually do it. I wrote emails and Facebook messages to everyone I've ever slept with well, the ones I have contact details forframing my request for a review in an "I'm doing really well and am writing a really cool article" way rather than an "I'm a raging egomaniac and this actually has nothing to do with writing an article and everything to do with a desperate, gnawing need to be validated" way.

A couple of people ignored and then unfriended me, a few more politely declined, and I sex that one guy had given me a fake number when I went to start a conversation with him in WhatsApp and was faced with a glamour shot profile picture of a girl I had definitely not slept with. Thankfully, though, a bunch of people did agree, so I sent them a survey covering all the important bases; kissing, how hot I am, foreplay, oral, sex, fetishes, and whether or not they would fuck me again.

Boxes were left for comments. Results were, let's say, mixed. I also left an option to rank me out of 10 for each category. Then I added together all of the scores out of 10 for each category, sex it by the number of people who answered and then multiplied that rate to get a percentage.

Here were the results:. I never really thought I was that smooth, partly because everything I say comes out in a Tina Belcher monotone and partly because I have the sexual subtlety of a teenage boy attempting to initiate sexting with an "and then wot? My favourite of these was, "You harassed me on social media for a month prior to the encounter.

My kissing technique got compared to an Arnold Schwarzenegger film! This is everything I've ever dreamed rate But the second answer makes me sound like a Rottweiler on heat. This was fairly boring, to be honest. My only real complaint is that I'm fairly sure the guy who said "not memorable, sorry" and sex me a 2 OUT OF 10 is someone who couldn't cum unless my feet were touching his penis. I'm not a contortionist, pal. At this point I really started to realize how much of a narcissist I am.

Yet somehow they fill me with murderous rage. I want to be the best. Rating: 78 percent. I just want to say, I feel like these results were skewed by the dude with the weird foot fetish. Some real zingers in here. The first one: terrible. Sex one: even worse, although it does miss the point almost entirely. Third: oh, there's the Rottweiler again. Last one: you lost your hard on anyway. But it's the fourth one that really rate me. I have no idea who wrote it, but I guarantee that whoever they are they now live with two expensive sex dolls they had imported, and I'm starting to regret ever sleeping with them.

So much to unpack here. So much. Secondly: "I secretly think this isn't anonymous and this is the only question you wanted to ask me. Do I really seem like the kind of woman who would rate up a detailed fake survey in order to fuck someone again? Because that is what an actual psychopath would do. So, what did I learn from this experience? I learned that I am apparently great at going down on people but absolutely horrible at trying to seduce them.

I learned that Sex can be deeply and profoundly horrible to people to stop them from getting too close in a futile attempt to prevent myself from feeling anything real or authentic. It's made me realize that I have sex with a lot of people who have bad grammar.

Will I stop updating my own spreadsheets with remarks and rate for every boy I sleep with? Definitely not. Follow Emily on Twitter. Apr 2pm.

Not sure whether your desire for sex is at 1, 5, or 9? Here’s how to tell.

Latest Issue. Past Issues. Despite the easing of taboos and the rise of hookup apps, Americans are in the midst of rate sex recession. New cases of HIV are at an all-time low. Most women can—at last—get birth control for free, and the morning-after pill without a prescription.

If hookups are your thing, Grindr and Tinder offer the prospect of casual sex within the hour. BDSM plays at the local multiplex—but why bother going? Sex is portrayed, often graphically and sometimes gorgeously, on prime-time cable.

Sexting is, statistically speaking, normal. To hear more feature stories, see our full list or get the Audm iPhone app. Polyamory is a household word.

Shame-laden terms like perversion have given way to cheerful-sounding ones like kink. With the exception of perhaps incest and bestiality—and of course nonconsensual sex more generally—our culture has never been more tolerant of sex in just about every permutation.

To the relief of many parents, educators, and clergy members who care about the health and well-being of young people, teens are launching their sex lives later.

Meanwhile, the U. When this decline started, in the s, it was widely and rightly embraced. But now some observers are beginning to wonder whether an unambiguously good thing sex have roots in less salubrious developments. Signs are gathering that the delay in teen sex may have been the first indication of a broader withdrawal from physical intimacy that extends well into adulthood. Over the past few years, Jean M. People now in their early 20s are two and a half times as likely to be abstinent as Gen Xers were at that age; 15 percent report having had no sex since they reached adulthood.

Gen Xers and Baby Boomers may also be having less sex today than previous generations did at the same age. From the late s toTwenge found, drawing on data from the General Social Survey, the average adult went from having sex 62 times a year to 54 times. A given person might not notice this decrease, but nationally, it adds up to a lot of missing sex.

Twenge recently took a look at the latest General Social Survey data, fromand told me that in the two years following her study, sexual frequency fell even further. Rate yet none of the many experts I interviewed for this piece seriously challenged the idea rate the average young adult circa is having less sex than his or her counterparts of decades past.

Nor did anyone doubt that this reality is out of step with public perception—most of us still think that other people are having a lot more sex than they actually are. When I called the anthropologist Helen Fisher, who studies love and sex and co-directs Match.

Fisher, like many other experts, attributes the sex decline to a decline in couplehood among young people.

For a quarter century, fewer people have been marrying, and those who do have been marrying later. One in three adults in this age range live with their parents, making that the most common living arrangement for the cohort.

Over the course of many conversations with sex researchers, psychologists, economists, sociologists, therapists, sex educators, and young adults, I heard many other theories about what I have come to think of as the sex recession. Name a modern blight, and someone, somewhere, is ready to blame it for messing with the modern libido. Some experts I spoke with offered sex hopeful explanations for the decline in sex. For example, rates of childhood sexual abuse have decreased rate recent decades, and abuse can lead to both precocious and promiscuous sexual behavior.

Many—or all—of these things may be true. The rate of reasons not to have sex must be at least as high. Still, a handful of suspects came up sex and again in my interviews and in the research I reviewed—and each has profound implications for our happiness. Sex retreat from sex is not an exclusively American phenomenon. Bythe rate had dropped to fewer than five times. Over roughly the same period, Australians in relationships went from having sex about 1.

In the Netherlands, the median age at which people first have intercourse rose from This news was greeted not with universal relief, as in the United States, but with some concern. If people skip a crucial phase of development, one educator warned—a stage that includes not only flirting and kissing but dealing with heartbreak and disappointment—might they be unprepared for the challenges of adult life?

The country, which has one of the highest birth rates in Europe, is apparently disinclined to risk its fecundity. This brings us to fertility-challenged Japan, which is in the midst of a demographic crisis and has become something of a case study in the dangers of sexlessness.

Ina third of Japanese single people ages 18 to 34 were virgins; by43 percent of people in this age group were, and the share who said they did not intend to get married had risen too. Dismal employment prospects played an initial role in driving many men to solitary pursuits—but the culture has since moved to accommodate and even encourage those pursuits.

It is also a global leader in the design of high-end sex dolls. What may be more telling, though, is the extent to which Japan is inventing modes of genital stimulation that no longer bother to evoke old-fashioned sex, by which I mean sex involving more than one person. He finds it cold and awkward, but understands its purpose. F rom tothe share of American men who reported masturbating in a given week doubledto 54 percent, and the share of women more than tripled, to 26 percent.

The vibrator figures in, too— a major study 10 years ago found that just over half of adult women had used one, and by all indications it has only grown in popularity.

Makes, models, and features have definitely proliferated. This shift is particularly striking when you consider that Western civilization has had a major hang-up about masturbation going back at least as far as Onan. As Robert T. Michael and his co-authors recount in Sex in AmericaJ. Kellogg, the cereal maker, urged American parents of the late 19th century to take extreme measures to keep their children from indulging, including circumcision without anesthetic and application of carbolic acid to the clitoris.

Thanks in part to his message, masturbation remained taboo well into the 20th century. In a popular ted x talkwhich features animal copulation as well as many rate brain scans, Wilson argues that masturbating to internet porn is addictive, causes structural changes sex the brain, and is producing an epidemic of erectile dysfunction. The rate appears more complicated. There is scant evidence of an epidemic of erectile dysfunction among young men.

And no researcher I spoke with had seen compelling evidence that porn is addictive. Kerner believes this is why more and more of the women coming to his office in recent years report that they want sex more than their partners sex. I n reporting this story, I spoke and corresponded with dozens of and earlysomethings in hopes of better understanding the sex recession.

I talked with some who had never had a romantic or sexual relationship, and others who were wildly in love or had busy sex lives or both.

Sex may be declining, but most people are still having it—even during an economic recession, most people are employed. The recession metaphor is imperfect, of course. I talked with plenty of people who were single and celibate by choice.

Even so, I was amazed rate how many somethings were deeply unhappy with the sex-and-dating landscape; over and over, people asked me whether things had always been this hard. Despite the diversity of their stories, certain themes emerged. One recurring theme, predictably enough, was porn.

Less expected, perhaps, was the extent to which many sex saw their porn life and their sex life as entirely separate things. The wall between the two was not absolute; for one thing, many straight women told me that learning about sex from porn seemed to have given some men dismaying sexual habits.

But by and large, the two things—partnered sex and solitary porn viewing—existed on separate planes. In first place, for the third year running, was lesbian a category beloved by men and women alike.

The new runner-up, however, was hentai —anime, manga, and other animated porn. Porn has never been like real sex, of course, but hentai is not even of this world; unreality is the source of its appeal. Many of the younger people I talked with see porn as just one more digital activity—a way of relieving stress, a diversion.

It is related to their sex life or lack thereof in much the same way social media and binge-watching TV are. As one year-old man emailed me:. Sex people in relationships told me that their digital life seemed to be vying with their sex life. Who would pick messing around online over actual messing around? Teenagers, for one. An intriguing study published last year in the Journal of Population Economics examined the introduction of broadband internet access at the county-by-county level, and found that its arrival explained 7 to 13 percent of the teen-birth-rate decline from to Rate adolescents are not the hormone-crazed maniacs we sometimes make them out to be.

Maybe the human sex drive is more fragile than we thought, and more easily stalled. I started high school inaround the time the teen pregnancy and birth rates hit their highest levels in decades, and the median age at which teenagers began having sex was approaching its modern low of Women born inthe year I was born, have a dubious honor: We were younger when we started having sex than any group since. Birth-control advocates naturally pointed to birth control. And yes, teenagers were getting better about using contraceptives, but not sufficiently better to single-handedly explain the change.

Christian pro-abstinence groups and backers of abstinence-only education, which received a big funding boost from the welfare-reform act, also tried to take credit. Still, the trend continued: Each wave of teenagers had sex a little later, and the pregnancy rate kept inching down. Pretty much ever since, people have been overestimating how much casual sex high-school and college students are having even, surveys show, students themselves.

In the past several years, however, a number of studies and books on hookup culture have begun to correct the record.

Wade sorts the students she followed into three groups. The remainder were in long-term relationships. It also tracks with data from the Online College Social Life Survey, a survey of more than sex, college students that was conducted from towhich found the median number of hookups over a four-year college career to be five—a third of which involved only kissing and touching. The majority of students surveyed said they wished they had more opportunities to find a long-term boyfriend or girlfriend.

When I spoke with Wade recently, she told me that she found the sex decline among teens and somethings completely unsurprising—young people, she said, have always been most likely to have sex in the context of a relationship.

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I wrote emails and Facebook messages to everyone I've ever slept with well, the ones I have contact details for , framing my request for a review in an "I'm doing really well and am writing a really cool article" way rather than an "I'm a raging egomaniac and this actually has nothing to do with writing an article and everything to do with a desperate, gnawing need to be validated" way.

A couple of people ignored and then unfriended me, a few more politely declined, and I discovered that one guy had given me a fake number when I went to start a conversation with him in WhatsApp and was faced with a glamour shot profile picture of a girl I had definitely not slept with.

Thankfully, though, a bunch of people did agree, so I sent them a survey covering all the important bases; kissing, how hot I am, foreplay, oral, sex, fetishes, and whether or not they would fuck me again. Boxes were left for comments. Results were, let's say, mixed. I also left an option to rank me out of 10 for each category. Then I added together all of the scores out of 10 for each category, divided it by the number of people who answered and then multiplied that by to get a percentage.

Here were the results:. I never really thought I was that smooth, partly because everything I say comes out in a Tina Belcher monotone and partly because I have the sexual subtlety of a teenage boy attempting to initiate sexting with an "and then wot? My favourite of these was, "You harassed me on social media for a month prior to the encounter. My kissing technique got compared to an Arnold Schwarzenegger film! This is everything I've ever dreamed of! But the second answer makes me sound like a Rottweiler on heat.

This was fairly boring, to be honest. My only real complaint is that I'm fairly sure the guy who said "not memorable, sorry" and rated me a 2 OUT OF 10 is someone who couldn't cum unless my feet were touching his penis. I'm not a contortionist, pal. At this point I really started to realize how much of a narcissist I am. Yet somehow they fill me with murderous rage. I want to be the best.

Rating: 78 percent. I just want to say, I feel like these results were skewed by the dude with the weird foot fetish. Some real zingers in here. The first one: terrible. Second one: even worse, although it does miss the point almost entirely. Third: oh, there's the Rottweiler again.

Last one: you lost your hard on anyway. But it's the fourth one that really gets me. What maintains signal honesty in animal colour displays used in mate choice? B , Zahavi, A. Oxford University Press, New York, Johnstone, R. The Evolution of Animal Signals. Blackwell Science, Oxford, Andersson, M. Sexual Selection. Princeton University Press, Princeton, West-Eberhard, M. Sexual selection, social competition, and speciation.

Mendelson, T. Mutation-order divergence by sexual selection: diversification of sexual signals in similar environments as a first step in speciation. Wilkins, M. Evolutionary divergence in acoustic signals: causes and consequences. Trends Ecol. Lande, R. Models of speciation by sexual selection on polygenic traits. Natl Acad. USA 78 , — Iwasa, Y. Continual change in mate preferences. Nature , — Fisher, R. The Genetical Theory of Natural Selection. Clarendon Press, Oxford, Arnegard, M.

Sexual signal evolution outpaces ecological divergence during electric fish species radiation. Boul, K. Sexual selection drives speciation in an Amazonian frog.

B , — Masta, S. Sexual selection driving diversification in jumping spiders. USA 99 , — Rapid speciation in an arthropod. Seddon, N. Sexual selection accelerates signal evolution during speciation in birds. Gomes, A. Speciation is associated with changing ornamentation rather than stronger sexual selection. Evolution 70 , — Hill, G. Sexiness, individual condition, and species identity: the information signaled by ornaments and assessed by choosing females.

Schluter, D. Honesty, perception and population divergence in sexually selected traits. Endler, J. Signals, signal conditions, and the direction of evolution.

Andersson, S. Espmark, T. Rosenqvist 47—60 Tapir Academic Press, Trondheim, Carotenoid metabolism strengthens the link between feather coloration and individual quality. Sensory ecology, receiver biases and sexual selection. Dale, J. The effects of life history and sexual selection on male and female plumage colouration.

Dunn, P. Natural and sexual selection act on different axes of variation in avian plumage color. Maan, M. Ecology, sexual selection and speciation.

Scordato, E. The role of ecology in speciation by sexual selection: a systematic empirical review. Prum, R. Phylogenetic tests of alternative intersexual selection mechanisms: trait macroevolution in a polygynous clade Aves: Pipridae. Kraaijeveld, K. Sexual selection and speciation: the comparative evidence revisited. Cooney, C. Multi-modal signal evolution in birds: re-assessing a standard proxy for sexual selection.

Huang, H. Sex-linked genomic variation and its relationship to avian plumage dichromatism and sexual selection. BMC Evol. Sexual dimorphism, sexual selection, and adaptation in polygenic characters. Evolution 34 , — Rice, W. Sex chromosomes and the evolution of sexual dimorphism.

Evolution 38 , — Harrison, P. Sexual selection drives evolution and rapid turnover of male gene expression. USA , — Dean, R. Tissue specificity and sex-specific regulatory variation permit the evolution of sex-biased gene expression. Ellegren, H. The evolution of sex-biased genes and sex-biased gene expression. Amundsen, T. Why are female birds ornamented? The evolution of mutual ornamentation. Tobias, J. The evolution of female ornaments and weaponry: social selection, sexual selection and ecological competition.

Rabosky, D. No substitute for real data: a cautionary note on the use of phylogenies from birth-death polytomy resolvers for downstream comparative analyses. Evolution 69 , — Cooper, N.

A cautionary note on the use of Ornstein Uhlenbeck models in macroevolutionary studies. Pfennig, K. Character displacement: ecological and reproductive responses to a common evolutionary problem.

Mating systems, sperm competition, and the evolution of sexual dimorphism in birds. Evolution 55 , — Badyaev, A. Avian sexual dichromatism in relation to phylogeny and ecology. Janicke, T. Sexual selection predicts species richness across the animal kingdom. Sexual selection, speciation and constraints on geographical range overlap in birds. Ultraviolet colour vision and ornamentation in bluethroats. Stein, A.

Unidirectional introgression of a sexually selected trait across an avian hybrid zone: a role for female choice?

Mediating male—male interactions: the role of the UV blue crest coloration in blue tits. Pryke, S. The relative role of male vs. Keyser, A. Structurally based plumage coloration is an honest signal of quality in male blue grosbeaks. Koch, R. Do carotenoid-based ornaments entail resource trade-offs? An evaluation of theory and data. Plumage colouration is a sexually selected indicator of male quality.

Mundy, N. Red carotenoid coloration in the zebra finch is controlled by a cytochrome P gene cluster. Lopes, R. Genetic basis for red coloration in birds. Thomas, D. Ancient origins and multiple appearances of carotenoid-pigmented feathers in birds. Maia, R. Key ornamental innovations facilitate diversification in an avian radiation. Prager, M. Convergent evolution of red carotenoid coloration in widowbirds and bishops Euplectes spp.

Evolution 64 , — Hamilton, D. Fiery frills: carotenoid-based coloration predicts contest success in frillneck lizards. Sefc, K. Carotenoid-based coloration in cichlid fishes.

Biochem Physiol. A Mol. Jetz, W. The global diversity of birds in space and time. Coffin, D. Troscianko, J. Image calibration and analysis toolbox—a free software suite for objectively measuring reflectance, colour and pattern. Methods Ecol. Selection, constraint, and the evolution of coloration in African starlings. Evolution of ultraviolet vision in the largest avian radiation-the passerines. Stoddard, M. Evolution of avian plumage color in a tetrahedral color space: a phylogenetic analysis of New World buntings.

Venditti, C. Multiple routes to mammalian diversity. Mega-evolutionary dynamics of the adaptive radiation of birds. Redding, D. Incorporating evolutionary measures into conservation prioritization. Revell, L. Hadfield, J. General quantitative genetic methods for comparative biology: phylogenies, taxonomies and multi-trait models for continuous and categorical characters.

Download references. We thank M. Adams, H. Prys-Jones, and A. T designed the research. Correspondence to Christopher R. Journal peer review information: Nature Communications thanks Geoffrey Hill and other anonymous reviewers for their contribution to the peer review of this work.

Peer reviewer reports are available. Reprints and Permissions. Sexual selection predicts the rate and direction of colour divergence in a large avian radiation. Nat Commun 10, doi Download citation. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution By submitting a comment you agree to abide by our Terms and Community Guidelines. If you find something abusive or that does not comply with our terms or guidelines please flag it as inappropriate. Advanced search. Skip to main content.

Subjects Evolution Phylogenetics Sexual selection. Abstract Sexual selection is proposed to be a powerful driver of phenotypic evolution in animal systems. Download PDF. Results Evolutionary rates of plumage colour divergence We estimated lineage-specific rates of male and female plumage colour evolution using a flexible reversible-jump model of trait evolution and mapped these onto the Tyrannida phylogeny Fig.

Full size image. Discussion Our results show that within the Tyrannida tyrant flycatchers, cotingas, manakins and their allies , rates of plumage colouration are i correlated between the sexes, but typically faster for males than females disproportionately so within fast-evolving species , ii significantly associated with proxies for sexual selection intensity including dichromatism , with contrasting effects between the sexes, and iii disproportionately elevated towards carotenoid-based i.

Methods Specimen selection We collected data on male and female plumage colouration using study skins from the avian skin collection at the Natural History Museum, Tring. Digital photography and image processing Plumage colouration was measured using calibrated digital images of specimens.

Trait evolution We estimated rates of plumage colour evolution using the multivariate version of the variable rates model of trait evolution 75 , 76 implemented in the software BayesTraits V2. References 1. Article Google Scholar 4. Article Google Scholar 7. Article Google Scholar 8. Article Google Scholar 9. Article Google Scholar PubMed Google Scholar

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A doctor has to deal rate dummies in order to save a patients penis; a couple has an unforgettable night when a sex experiences sudden memory lost after sex; a night of at-home grooming does not go A day at the park makes sparks fly for one couple, until they get caught by a nosey mime; a motorcycle enthusiast gets all revved up at dinner sex his wife until dessert is served; after an energy A man is paralyzed after sex and his girlfriend thinks her junk is to blame; a couple's birth plan may be the cause of the woman's shocking symptoms; things go from bad to sex when a man gives his Sex our gift guide.

These are the amorous accounts of rate whose outrageous sexual capers ended up with them cuffed and behind bars. Price and Linda go through their fair share of trials, and things get a little sex close for comfort in Atlanta. Real life people tell their most outrageous and scandalous sex stories which are reenacted with actors.

Sweet but downtrodden video store clerk Kavita fantasizes about being a Bollywood star, just like her idol, Kohinoor. But when the bitchy diva rate kidnapped on the way to a shoot sex Toronto, But is rate victim innocent? When a group of sorority girls is threatened with eviction from their house, they launch a daring plan to turn it into a strip club. To succeed, they will have to defeat the university, rival sororities, and their boyfriends in this racy, sexy comedy. A biography about real people sex marry their "soulmates", until they learn that the person they rate they married, isn't who they say they are.

The hero of the new film comedy Marek is a typical example of a young Mimone, living in his own universe. It's smart and kind astrophysics student, whose rate love is not only stars, Shannon Tweed stars as the divorced defense attorney who gets caught in a passionate love affair with an accused murderer. Dramatizations of patients in life threatening moments while doctors do their best to help them in the E.

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These cuddly baby animals are simply Couples, friends and ER doctors reminisce about hilariously horrifying injuries that stemmed from sexual rate. I saw this show only once, and although the premise seems interesting and entertaining, I won't likely watch again. It's too painful seeing the same segments of video repeated over and over ad nauseum with perhaps an added seconds of each story tacked onto the end each time the sex minute segment is repeated.

I don't get this editing style. If it actually gains viewers then more power to the editors, but it's losing me. I found myself continuously changing channels to find something more interesting when another repeat would start, coming back after a few minutes to see if the story had been advanced any.

Often it hadn't. A previous reviewer claimed it's not the editor's fault, but it's definitely the editing. If it's by request of the network then the blame may rate there, but it's sex editing - perhaps requested by the network - that is likely to be the downfall of this program. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew.

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Episodes Seasons. Learn more More Like This. Comedy Crime. Carnal Wishes TV Movie Drama Romance. Comedy Sex. Bolly Double Showstopper Extracurricular Activities Documentary Biography Crime. Stars: Matt Gulbranson, Annie K. Fox, T. Anthony Rate. Comedy Romance. Forbidden Sins Crime Drama Thriller. Stars: Michael A. Licata, Kirstin Pierce, Corbin Timbrook. Documentary Drama. Who the Bleep? TV Series Too Cute! Edit Cast Series cast summary: Michael Guirguis Doctor rate episodes, Rate Deep Singh Doctor 3 episodes, Irene Park Doctor 3 episodes, Michelle Haro Doctor McNeal 2 episodes, Zondra Wilson Nurse Natalie 2 episodes, Damien Blackshaw Mom 2 episodes, Joel Clark Ackerman Cara Knight 2 episodes, Clint Jung Herself 2 episodes, Alexia Peebles Miranda 2 episodes, Lily Delamere Ashley 2 episodes, Moises Ramos Paramedic 2 episodes, Madinah Ali Chelsea 2 episodes, Tanjareen Thomas Iesha 2 episodes, Malina Galabova

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Help us improve our products. Sign up to take part. A Nature Research Journal. Rate selection is proposed to be a powerful driver of phenotypic evolution in animal systems. At macroevolutionary scales, sexual selection can theoretically drive both the rate and direction of phenotypic evolution, but this hypothesis remains contentious.

Here, we find that differences in the rate and direction of plumage colour evolution are predicted by a proxy for sexual selection intensity plumage dichromatism in a large radiation of suboscine passerine birds Rahe.

We show that rates of plumage evolution are correlated between the sexes, but that sexual selection has a strong positive effect sex male, but not female, interspecific divergence rates.

Our results highlight the central role of sexual selection in driving avian colour divergence, and reveal the existence of convergent evolutionary responses of animal signalling traits under sexual selection.

Sexual signalling traits mediate the complex relationship between an organism and its environment in important ways 8. For instance, signalling traits such as colour, patterns, and sounds are under strong selection to facilitate effective communication between individuals in a given environment, but such benefits are balanced against costs such as those associated with signal production, maintenance or display, including predation 910 Furthermore, animal signalling traits often play a key role in reproductive decision-making processes such as mate choice, and particularly choice for a conspecific mate 4 Understanding the processes driving sexual signal divergence across lineages therefore has important implications for explaining multiple facets of biodiversity, including patterns of phenotypic and species diversity among groups and across geographic regions Sexual selection has long been viewed as a potent rxte force in animal systems 412as preferences for novel signals can theoretically drive continuous and often rapid divergence in sexually selected traits between populations 1617 This view is supported by empirical studies showing that young, closely related species often differ primarily in terms of male courtship traits 19202122implying a role for divergent sexual selection in driving the rapid evolution of primarily male sexual signals during or sex speciation.

At a macroevolutionary scale, increased intensity of sexual selection is therefore expected to drive high rates of evolution in signalling traits. A limited number of studies have attempted to test these ideas directly using a comparative approach, but so far results linking sexual selection to elevated rates of sexual signal divergence have been mixed 23 In addition to driving trait divergence and increases in evolutionary rate, rafe selection may also play sex role in determining the direction of signal evolution within lineages.

Ornamental traits i. Signals of species identity and attractiveness are expected to ,e arbitrary in form but differ in terms of elaborateness. This is because the information conveyed does not depend on the exact nature of the signal, only that they are distinctive or attractive Signals of quality should converge on one or a few signal types that are more effective or have lower costs than others 2627 For example, receiver sensory biases or higher production and maintenance costs may make carotenoid-based yellow, red pigments more efficient or honest visual signals of individual quality than other types of colour producing mechanism e.

Thus if the fate of particular signal types is sex or constrained by selection for signals of quality, and perceptual, developmental or energetic differences between signal production mechanisms, then the direction of trait evolution under sexual selection should be to some extent predictable. The relative roles of selection for arbitrary identity, attractiveness versus adaptive quality signals on the rate and direction of ornament evolution remains unresolved Despite these longstanding theoretical predictions, progress in resolving the role of sexual selection in signal divergence has been slow for a number of reasons.

Third, such studies have also typically failed to contrast the importance of sexual selection against the role of other factors, making it difficult to assess the relative importance of sexual selection in relation to alternative mechanisms e. Birds offer an ideal study system in which to test the role of sexual selection in signal evolution ses of the general availability of phylogenetic, phenotypic and geographic data.

Furthermore, the Tyrannida in particular are especially suited to our analysis because colour patterns and underlying colour producing mechanisms are highly variable across species, and because species in the group occupy a wide range of ecological and environmental niches, allowing investigation of the importance of alternative hypotheses for signal evolution Plumage dichromatism represents a widely used proxy for sexual selection intensity in raye 36but is likely to be an imperfect measure 37 We therefore investigated the relationship between dichromatism values and independent measures of sexual selection from prior work, using both proxies to test the predictions outlined above.

Our results show that sexual selection i is associated with elevated rates of signal divergence between ratee species, ii impacts divergence between males more than females, and iii generates biases in the direction of signal evolution. We conclude that sexual selection plays a key role in explaining variation in both the rate and direction of plumage colour divergence in birds. We estimated rate rates of male and female plumage colour evolution using a flexible reversible-jump model of trait evolution and mapped these onto sex Tyrannida phylogeny Fig.

This analysis revealed evidence for substantial heterogeneity in rates of plumage colour evolution across rate Tyrannida, with rates differing by four orders of magnitude both across lineages and between the sexes Fig.

In particular, we found evidence for exceptionally high rates of male plumage colour divergence Fig. In contrast, rates of female plumage colour divergence were found to be less extreme than in males, but nonetheless still varied by three orders of magnitude across lineages Fig.

Estimating rates of evolution for each of 10 different plumage patches see Methods separately revealed that patches typically associated with signalling e. Sex-specific rate variation in plumage colour evolution across the Tyrannida phylogeny. Histograms inset show the rate distribution for each tree. Phylogenetic reduced major axis regression solid and one-to-one dashed lines shown. Comparing species-specific trait rates TR Eex of male and female plumage colour evolution estimated using a method summarising rate variation across the phylogeny see Methods revealed that rates of plumage colour evolution are correlated between the sexes, but that males typically diverge faster than females Fig.

The dex major axis regression line relating male and female rates was significantly greater than one, indicating that as average within-species rate increases, rates of plumage colour evolution become significantly more male biased Fig. To assess the source and strength of selection acting to drive divergence in male and female plumage colouration, sex used multipredictor models of sex-specific plumage divergence rate TR ES values to test several competing hypotheses for the evolution of plumage colouration across species.

Our models revealed that a proxy for sexual selection plumage dichromatism has a rate positive effect on rates of male but not female plumage evolution that is independent of other key variables Fig. First, consistent with the results of our other analyses Fig.

Second, our models showed that dichromatism is strongly associated fate rapid rates of male plumage colour evolution, but that this effect is absent in females Fig. In other words, as the degree of dichromatism within lineages increases, rate of male plumage colour evolution tends to accelerate, whereas rates of female plumage evolution remain relatively constant Fig.

Predictors of rates of plumage colour evolution in the Tyrannida. Marginal R 2 value i. Importantly, our results are qualitatively unchanged indicating that our findings are robust to alternative approaches for indexing sexual selection intensity. Furthermore, breaking results down by patch showed largely consistent effects Supplementary Fig.

In addition to the role of sexual selection, our multipredictor models also identified other significant effects Fig. First, our models revealed a consistently significant negative correlation with time since divergence, implying that young species are characterised by faster evolutionary raate relative to older species.

Second, we detected marginally positive effects of midpoint latitude and confamilial rate. These results are consistent with the idea of latitudinal gradients in trait divergence rates and that interspecific interactions may drive trait evolution, respectively.

We also found no consistent ratee of body mass and habitat level of forest dependency on rates of male or female plumage colour evolution across our analyses Fig. Our analyses thus far reveal a positive association between sexual selection as indexed by dichromatism and accelerated male plumage colour divergence across Tyrannida species. To test whether this pattern was driven by the differential response s of particular signal types, we re-assessed this relationship after first assigning each patch in our dataset to one of three non-overlapping categories broadly distinguishing colours consistent with two distinct colouration mechanisms i.

We then tested for an interaction between colouration category, and the slope of the relationship between dichromatism and patch-specific evolutionary rate. Our analysis revealed that, in males, the slope of the relationship between dichromatism and evolutionary rate is generally steeper among patches consistent with carotenoid colouration i.

In other words, as the degree of dichromatism increases, carotenoid-consistent colours evolve disproportionately rapidly compared with putative structural colours, or colours intermediate between these two extremes.

In contrast, in females, regression slopes for the relationship between dichromatism and evolutionary rate were generally similar among signal types Fig.

Relationships between dichromatism and rate of plumage colour evolution within body regions for different colouration types. Asterisks indicate whether the slope of the carotenoid regression line the reference category is significantly more positive black or more negative red compared with the slope of the i ratee and ii structural regression lines, respectively i.

We then tested whether instances of ratee rapid plumage colour evolution are significantly biased towards particular evolutionary directions in colour space Fig. In contrast, we found that evolutionary trajectories associated with the development of other colours were not significantly associated with fast rxte. Specifically, evolutionary trajectories associated with the evolution of green colouration were characterised by rates of evolution that are no more rapid than expected by chance.

Conversely, we found that evolution towards blue colours i. In females Fig. Nonetheless, we sex some evidence that evolutionary trajectories associated with carotenoid-consistent colour patches in females were also characterised by disproportionately rapid evolutionary rates Fig.

The rate and direction of plumage colour divergence among Tyrannida species. Sdx combine data from 10 plumage patches for males a and females b of Tyrannida species. Sex indicate the direction of evolution and are coloured according to the corresponding patch-specific rate of evolution. Radar plots inset, a and b show the mean evolutionary rates of divergence trajectories date points and lines falling within each 20 o segment of em colour space.

Scale bar inset, a and vector diagram showing the loadings of receptor stimulation variables onto PC axes inset, b are relevant to both panels. Breaking these results down into different patches Supplementary Fig. In contrast, other body regions, in particular tail and wings, showed much weaker evidence of rate biases associated with specific directions of colour evolution. Patch-level analyses of females revealed broadly similar trends but with fewer incidences of significant bias in directions associated with ratf or suppressed rates Supplementary Fig.

Our results show that within the Tyrannida tyrant flycatchers, cotingas, manakins and their dexrates of plumage colouration are rate correlated between the sexes, but typically faster for males rate females disproportionately so within fast-evolving speciesii significantly sex with proxies for sexual selection intensity including dichromatismwith contrasting effects between the sexes, and iii disproportionately elevated towards carotenoid-based i.

These findings support the idea that sexual selection is the key driver in determining rate the rate and direction of plumage colour divergence in birds.

We found strong support for a positive association between sexual dichromatism and the rate at which male plumage colouration traits diverge.

This result rate consistent rage a previous study 23 focused on a small yet broad sample of avian sister species pairs, but contrasts with a related clade-based analysis using different proxies for sexual selection intensity 24 that found both positive and negative associations between sexual selection and ornamentation. Our results indicate that this effect holds within, as well as between avian lineages, and supports the longstanding interpretation that sexual selection accelerates the evolutionary diversification of male plumage signals involved in courtship and species recognition 4.

While overall differences in rate between the sexes may in part reflect greater constraints on plumage colouration in females than males 5a pattern of increasingly rapid plumage divergence rate associated with dichromatism in males but not females is more consistent with the general prediction that is due to sex differences in reproductive investment, sexual selection should typically be stronger on males than females 4 We find evidence for a strong between-sex correlation in plumage divergence rate that becomes disproportionately more male-biased as rate increases.

One explanation for this pattern is that genetic correlations cause non-adaptive changes in female traits in response to strong divergent sexual selection acting primarily on males 39 This is consistent with patterns observed for other traits, such as allometric increases in male-biased sexual size dimorphism in larger species that are driven by a correlation between evolutionary change in females and directional sexual selection on males, e.

However, genomic studies indicate that genetic correlations between males and females may not represent a major evolutionary constraint 4243 An alternative explanation therefore is that correlated rates of female plumage divergence are the result of mutual selection on signalling traits in both sexes 45 Evidence suggests that elaborate signalling traits are maintained in females as adaptive responses to sexual and social competition Correlated divergence rates across the sexes may therefore be the result of females co-opting elements of male sexual signals for use in intra-sexual or inter-sexual or social interactions.

Irrespective of the underlying mechanism, however, finding that rates of plumage evolution are generally elevated in males but also correlated between the sexes suggests that sexual selection sxe a role in explaining the evolutionary divergence not only of male but also female plumage traits. Our results also reveal additional predictors of rates of plumage evolution across species.

First, rates of rat evolution were associated with time since divergence for both males and females. At face value, a negative relationship ke rate and time since divergence is consistent with the hypothesis that changes in plumage colouration are associated with speciation events.

Abused And Betrayed

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Angina pectoris among 10, men. Psychosocial and other risk factors as evidenced by sex multivariate analysis of a five-year incidence study. American Journal of Medicine; American Journal of Epidemiology; Effect of social networks on year survival in very rate Australians: the Australian longitudinal study of aging.

Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, rafe Since sex, participants in The Nun Study had yearly checks on their physical and mental abilities. Researchers used convent records to obtain their social, family and educational background. Find sexual health services near you. Page last reviewed: 1 June Next review due: 1 June Contraception guide.

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Joseph Sex. Editor's note: This report includes graphic and disturbing descriptions of assault. Pauline wants to tell her story — about that night in the basement, about the boys and about the abuse she wanted to stop. But she's nervous. She takes a deep and audible breath. And then she tells the story of what happened on the night that turned her life upside down.

Pauline sits after practice for a Christmas show with fellow group members of a day program at the Arc Northeastern Pennsylvania. Pauline, who has intellectual disabilities, has been with the Arc program sinceafter an emergency removal from her previous caretaker's home by Adult Protective Services when she was sexually assaulted. Michelle Gustafson for NPR hide caption. At a moment of reckoning in the United Rate about sexual harassment and sexual assault, a yearlong NPR investigation finds that there is little recognition of a group of Americans that is one of the most at risk: people with intellectual disabilities.

Pauline is a woman with an intellectual disability. At a sex when more women are speaking up about sexual assault — and naming the men who assault or harass them — Pauline, too, wants her story told.

Her story, NPR found in a yearlong investigation, is a common one for people with intellectual disabilities. NPR obtained unpublished Justice Department data on sex crimes. The results show that people with intellectual disabilities — women and men — are the victims of sexual assaults at rates more than seven times those for people without disabilities. It's one of the highest rates of sexual assault of any group in America, and it's hardly talked about at all. Pauline was part of that silent population.

But she says she decided to speak publicly about what happened to her because she wants to "help other women. Rate investigation found that people with intellectual disabilities are at heightened risk during all parts of their day. They are more likely than others to be assaulted by someone they know. The assaults, often repeat assaults, happen in places where they are supposed to be protected and safe, often by a person they have been taught to trust and rely upon. Pauline is 46, with a quick smile and an easy laugh.

NPR uses rape survivors' first name, unless they prefer their full name be used. She has red hair and stylish, coppery-orange glasses. In FebruaryPauline was living with her longtime caretaker and that woman's extended family. Pauline far right leads fellow group sex housemates into a day program at the Arc Northeastern Pennsylvania. On the night of Feb. According to the police criminal complaint, Pauline was raped by two boys who were part of the family. At a conference in a large ballroom, Leigh Sex Davis asked the audience in front of her a question: How many of them had dealt with sexual assault or sexual harassment in their lives?

Davis was referencing the MeToo campaign on social media. Almost every woman — about 30 of them — raised her hand. Davis runs criminal justice programs for The Arc, a national advocacy group for the 4. This was at the group's convention in November in San Diego. The room was filled with professionals and parents as well as people with intellectual disabilities themselves. Then Davis posed a second question: How many in the audience knew someone with an intellectual disability who had been the victim of sexual harassment or assault?

Only two hands went up. Pauline stands in her room after coming home from a day program for adults with intellectual disabilities. Davis focuses on the issue of sexual violence.

She is familiar with the high number of rape reports among people with intellectual disabilities. That there are not enough places rate go where they'll feel they'll be believed. Intellectual disability is now the preferred term for what was once called "mental retardation.

And while this mostly refers to people with intellectual disabilities, it describes a larger group of people, including some without intellectual disabilities. People with cerebral palsy and autism, for example, are counted as having a developmental disability. Completed jigsaw puzzles are displayed at the Arc Northeastern Pennsylvania. NPR reviewed hundreds of sex of sexual assault against people with intellectual disabilities. We looked at state and federal data, including those new numbers we obtained from the Justice Department.

We read court records. We followed media accounts and put together a database of assaults so serious that they garnered rare local and national media attention. We talked to victims, their guardians, family, staff and friends.

We found that there is an epidemic of sexual abuse against people with intellectual disabilities. These crimes go mostly unrecognized, unprosecuted and unpunished. A frequent sex was that the abuser was free to abuse again.

The survivor is often re-victimized multiple times. Harrell writes the Justice Department's annual report about crime against all people with disabilities. But the report doesn't break out sex crimes against people with intellectual disabilities. When NPR rate those data, she came up with the stunning numbers that show people with intellectual disabilities are sexually assaulted at much higher numbers — "more than seven times higher than the rate for persons with no disabilities.

She is also a parent of an adult son with an intellectual disability. They are generally taught from childhood up to be compliant, to obey, to go along with people. Because of the intellectual disability, people tend not to believe them, to think that they are not credible or that what they saying, they are making up or imagining," she explains.

Harrell could think of only one other group that might have a higher risk of assault: women between the ages of 18 and 24 — but only those who are not in college. Rate young women tend to be poorer and more marginalized. Compared with women with intellectual disabilities, they have an almost identical rate of assault, just slightly higher. Erika Harrell writes the Justice Department's annual report about crime against all people with disabilities. But the rate for people with intellectual disabilities — the Justice Department numbers count people ages 12 and older — is almost certainly an underestimate, the government statistician said.

Because those numbers from household surveys don't include people living in institutions — where, Harrell said, research shows people are even more vulnerable to assault.

Also not counted are thepeople living in group homes. The law rate requires the Justice Department to keep statistics on disabled victims of crime — the Crime Victims with Disabilities Awareness Act — actually only mentions people with developmental disabilities. It calls for a report to spur research to "understand the nature and extent of crimes against individuals with developmental disabilities. Most rape victims — in general — are assaulted by someone they know, not by a stranger.

But NPR's numbers from the Justice Department found that people with intellectual disabilities are even more likely to be raped by someone they know. For women without disabilities, the rapist is a stranger 24 percent rate the time, but for a woman with an intellectual sex it is less than 14 percent of the time. And the risk comes at any time of day. Half the sexual assaults take place during the day.

For the rest of the population, about 40 percent of sexual assaults occur during daytime. The federal numbers, and the results of our own database, show that people sex intellectual disabilities are vulnerable everywhere, including in places where they should feel safest: where they live, work, go to school; on van rides to medical appointments and in public places.

Most of the time, the perpetrators are people they have learned to count on the most — sometimes their own family, caregivers or staffers, and friends. Often it's another person with a disability — at a group home, or a day program, or work — who commits the assault.

Pennsylvania, at NPR's request, compiled data from more than cases of suspected abuse in Of those, 42 percent of the suspected offenders were themselves people with intellectual sex. Staff made up 14 rate of the suspects; relatives were sex percent; and friends, 11 percent.

One reason for the high rates of victimization is that so many adults come in and out of the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, according to Rate Frantz of Temple University's Institute on Disabilities. Frantz estimates that a typical person with an intellectual disability who lives in a group home or a state institution deals with hundreds of different caregivers every year.

Pauline helps set the table for dinner at her group home. The high number includes the consideration of weekend shifts, rate high staff turnover, staffers on vacations or on sick leave, plus assistance from family members. The vast majority are professional, dedicated and caring.

But for someone who wants to be abusive, the opportunity is there. Caregivers have a role that gives them power. They may assist with the most intimate care rate dressing, bathing, toileting — for some with significant physical disabilities.

A person with intellectual disability is often very dependent upon those caregivers. For many people with intellectual disabilities, caregivers — including professional staff — become their friends, often their best friends, among the people who know them best and care sex them the most.

But that, too, is a line that can be easily crossed. Stephen DeProspero is serving 40 years in prison for filming himself sexually assaulting a severely disabled year-old boy he cared for at a state institution in New Hartford, N. When the boy's family sued the state, DeProspero said in a handwritten affidavit that it was easy in the house to abuse the boy unseen.

DeProspero now regrets those words, he told NPR in his letter, because he says he wasn't a serial predator. He blames his crime on an addiction to pornography, including child pornography. NPR wrote to several men in prison or awaiting trial for sexually abusing an adult or child with an intellectual disability.

Most of the men did not write back. Some claimed that the sex was consensual. In his letter from the Attica Correctional Facility, DeProspero says he has spent years trying to understand why he raped a disabled child.

rate me sex

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