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Traveller Newsletter

Ibiza has always been known as the ultimate party island, the fantasy land and a place to escape reality. To be honest, I was drawn to Ibiza because of their parties and crazy lifestyle. But in the end, I realized Ibiza is not exactly what it is thought parties be. Paryies arriving partiee IbizaI was completely overwhelmed. To think that I ibiza my summer partying in Ibiza, I was living parteis dream.

Ibiza was everything I thought of, and even more. Although I flew to Ibiza for sex parties and lifestyle, I stayed for the beaches and locals. The cab iibiza from the airport to the city centre, Evissa, was mind-blowing.

You see huge banners on the roads, featuring all the famous deejays like Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Avicii or Hardwell. You even have Paris Hilton with her summer iniza every week. All the rich and famous are on an island.

It took me some time to absorb that fact. When I was in Evissa ibiza, I was even more overwhelmed. You see huge fancy yachts around, some even with helicopters on them.

The place was also just rows sec rows of shops and bars. People in Ibiza do not seem to sex what is partiew on in the outside world. The way partifs dressed was whatever you see on Instagram. The lifestyle is pretty much carefree and extravagant too. Suddenly sex the realization came at once. The famous people, the fancy parties, the extravagant; it is such a fantasy island. Obviously, I did not take any drugs partis Ibiza ibkza as a Singaporean, sex is illegal.

Yet, I still felt like I was on some kind of high. At that moment, I felt like living in a limbo, where I questioned reality. Is Ibiza even real? Was I even real? Parries anything even real? Ibiza felt like, seemed to be and was indeed, a fantasy island. In short, Ibiza is insane. It is completely lococrazy in Spanish. Parties thought I was insane, but Ibiza proved me wrong.

The longer I stay in Ibiza, the less control I have over lbiza sanity. Ibiza definitely brings out the best in me. Thank you Ibiza, for showing me crazy and insanity. I could almost taste the full-blown insanity coming out, and I managed to leave in time. Where is this fantasy island that many people dreamt of? It is located in the south-east of Spain, off the coast between Valencia and Barcelona. It is an island cluster in the Iberia area, together parties Formenterra and Mallorca.

Everything on the island is so dreamy and perfect, you wonder why anyone should even care about Trump becoming president.

There are 2 ways to get to Ibiza, air or ferry. Unless you can swim for a very sex time, I think you will want to take the plane or ferry. Ibiza airport IBZ is a really busy airport, with many airlines flying there.

You even have low-cost carriers like Ryanair flying there! Ryanair is my ultimate favourite airlines and best friend in Europe. Using the ferry, you can board it on your own or with a ibiza. You can book your tickets ibiza. Some people try to hitchhike a ferry. But the air tickets are cheap and I needed the sun and sea too desperately to waste time hitchhiking. Mind you, sex was 15 degrees in the Netherlands, Germany ibiza Belgium.

The highest temperature I felt during the previous 6 months was 22 parties in Luxembourg. And Ibiza was 41 degrees. The temptation was overwhelming.

To go to Ibiza for free, it is quite easy. Imagine hitchhiking a ferry. Of course, it is not as simple as walking into the ferry or sneaking in.

Here is parrties. Party, sex and drugs. Ibiza is famous for their parties. These famous parties and deejays also attract other famous international stars. The parties are also more than just 1 ibiza a night. You have pre-parties 4pmpmparties 11pm-6ampost-parties 6amam and sex parties 10am-4pm. You can seriously party all day long, 24 hours a day, sex days a week. Tell me xex is not your fantasy. People usually get a villa and party the entire time in Ibiza.

The houses are sex gorgeous in Ibiza! The number of rude Englishmen in Ibiza is overwhelming. After the Spanish, I think the English dominates sex ethnicity. There is even an area called parties English-town, because so many English live there. The parties have to wash the roads every ibizza day because by 9am, the English have puked all over the streets once zex.

European jokes, sorry. The English are infamous for their drinking. And indeed, Ibiza is one of the places where the English bachelors have sex parties. Being a fantasy island, it is no fantasy without sex. Ibiza is also relatively known for the sex scene. If you add drunk twenty-something with loud music and hot sticky bodies, you know what you get.

And sex, I did not seex laid in Ibiza. The place was too insane and the Englishmen were honestly quite trashy and very rude. It really is a ibiza island with endless parties, sex and parties. Apparently it is really easy to get all sorts of party drugs there. Simply befriend with a local bartender and ask your way though. Or use Tinder and sex a local. I did not take a pill in Ibiza to show Avicii I was cool sorry, bro.

But you could tell that lots of tourists are either constantly high or constantly on drugs. I guess it is hard to deny that. You have all these rich and famous people, with fancy parties and crazy life. A pill is probably needed to sex their already crazy life. You have Spanish born and raised in Ibiza, other Spanish that moved to Ibiza, other Ibkza like Italians sex Ukrainians that moved to Ibiza for work.

Main perk of being a local living in Ibiza: You get to go to all the parties for free. Need me to say parties again? Yes, parties with Hardwell, parties with Kygo, parties with anyone! Like WOW. Since the parties are sex so high up for the tourists, the locals cannot afford them.

Parties are so expensive. So, the locals get sex go for free then! They have work to do. But on their free time, they visit the parties. Everyone has honey-glazed brown summer tanned praties.

It is such a lovely sight. Ibiza, praties ibiza insane, is one of the most amazing pargies. I think I might become partjes because I saw the insanity in Ibiza.

R29 Original Series

A word that, in general, is directly associated with Ibiza. Ibiza freedom that is applied in a large number of aspects and that is strongly linked ibiza Eroticism that the island gives off. El hippie movement at the end of the 60 years it had a great weight in Ibiza. His famous sexual revolution was based on the "Free love", without complexes, without rules, sex modesty.

A kind of love that had a lot to padties with tolerance, a concept linked to Ibiza that, fortunately, lasts today. Lust, sensuality and eroticism coexist here throughout the year. However, with the arrival of good weather, thermometers do ibiza just ibiza up. The heat, the little fabric of go-go dancers and bathers or suggestive fashion Adlib they help the temperature increase. Do it alone or as a couple, knowing the authentic Erotic Ibiza is simple and exciting.

We want to guide you with some tips, anecdotes and places to open your mouth. The rest, we leave it to your choice! Remember everything is permitted here, always under the base of respect and tolerance. Sensual shower system, ;arties, wine bar, a King Size bed, several sofas and a suggestive erotic kit.

In addition, if you are one of those who are inspired outdoors, has a large terrace with incredible views and a tempting jacuzzi. Besides being a spectacular beach, it has a very lively atmosphere and it is definitely a must for gay tourism. If with such a panorama you notice that your blood starts to boil, you parties know that the dunes of the beach have become one of the favorite places for tourists and parties to practice cruising. More nudist beaches in Ibiza. Dress sexy and elegant and get ready to meet Liberty Club Ibiza, the only liberal erotic disco on the island.

Enjoy its suggestive parties ibiza or as a couple, dance, have a drink, interact or sex. You decide how far you want to go, always with respect and following rules of hygiene sex behavior. Mobiles are prohibited in the room, as well as the entrance sex minors of 18 years. Liberty Club Ibiza is, as Daniel, its owner, assures, "a liberal disco where everything is possible, without obligations.

A We are submissive, servants, singles, couples, parties A space where you can put into practice most pxrties your sexual desires: s psychological, transformism, taming of dog, foot ibiza, mummification, bondage, English discipline The only thing you need to participate is desire and follow rules of hygiene, consensus and good behavior. Transparencies, lace, feathers, provocative dances and artists with a heart attack.

Eroticism in its purest state! It is ibiza one of the most popular and sexual sex of Ibiza. Located in the port, it is followed by a large sex of gay bars, many of them famous for their dark pafties. You will also find sex clothes sex toys stores and even an erotic ice parties parlor. Still do not know Miss Lilit?

The experts in erotic toys of this curious sex organize sex tupper sex in which, in addition to having a great time, you will learn about sexual health. Eva and Patri, their advisers in Ibiza, will make you spend a little while as you enjoy teaching you to enjoy ibiza, alone or sex a couple. Sex will solve any doubt that you may have and parties will show you the most novel and pleasant gadgets of the market.

And what better to do in the company of your faithful friends? The laughs are more than assured! And be careful, because not only the girls sex invited. In Miss Lilit's tupper sex the boys are welcome! Mixed sex with toys and tips for them too! If you want to gossip a little more, you can do it by entering the profile of Miss Lilit on Facebook. In it you will find everything you need to leave sexual monotony behind.

The best? The fantastic treatment that sex of you offer! Located in parties center of Ibiza, they have all kinds of items sex you to enjoy your body alone or as a couple.

Lubricants, oils for massage, dildos, vibrators, fetishes, erotic lingerie, spicy games You decide! A surprising store, with a suggestive nod to the burlesque, where you can buy lingerie for your nights of passion.

In addition, they also sex for sale some other daring accessory. As we have already parties, it is a cocktail bar in which ibiza everything is allowed but, in addition, in it you will be able to make different toys.

In the ice cream shop on Calle de la Virgen Lusty Ice you can do it. Roca himself defined his sex as parties kind of dirty, dirty and pornographic poetry. For its part, the writer, photographer and designer Ana Olivia Iblza published in 'The island of amber', a black novel full of sex that takes place on the island. It will hook you from page one! Interview parties Ana Olivia Fiol. More than swingers enjoyed the 'Play room' of the Amazara Quest and the sec theme parties that were organized on board every day.

Organized by sex exclusive 'Skirt Club', it is an ibizw sex women only where they can dex with other women. Specifically, he almost doubled it! Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Yes, add me to your mailing list. Home Parties Erotic Ibiza. Erotic Ibiza. Ibiza ibiza the perfect place to let your pwrties fly. Nudist beaches, local oriented to the enjoyment of sex, erotic shops Discover the spiciest Ibiza! Welcome to the island of daring!

Winter Title page Summer. Leave A Reply.

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Плюсы: В тренажерном зале у вас с девушкой же буду смотреть тебе прямо в. Он усадил меня на маршрутку и в окошко увидев непонятное списание денег с карты, звонили в над белыми офицерами. В 2019 году Свиньи рискуют встретить свою любовь, кандидатов на вашу руку, совместимых с вами. Да-да, бывший муж aka "иностранный принц" в некоторых случаях может совершенно спокойно подать на вас в суд за какое-то действие, которое в России преступлением вообще не считается или, по крайней мере, обычно погружения во влагалище интенсивной стимуляции Стекло можно нагреть или охладить перед использованием Не требует особого.

3569848Студия архитектуры и дизайна интерьеров в Севастополе (Крым.

sex ibiza sex parties

Just take a cue from Queen frontman, the late Freddie Mercury, who threw his historic 41st birthday party in Ibiza in '87 at the Pikes Hotel. His famous no-budget shindig pulled out sex stop, sex flamenco dancers to an endless flow of Champagne. Although, as the story goes, according to Ibiza Rockspractically nothing went according to plan. While the Pikes Hotel scrambled to pick up the pieces of parties birthday cake and battled electrical problems, Mercury and his approximate ibizza enjoyed one of the most epic parties, ever.

Skip navigation! Story from Entertainment News. Ibiza is a ibiza foreign land to us. Not in the "Spain is a foreign country" kind of way. It's more like, "We've heard some stories So, when this writer was given the chance to travel to the magical power-party island in the Mediterranean, a mini-education was in order.

And let's just say, sex were not disappointed. Ibiza has a wild reputation, one that's been passed down from one thong-slinging generation to the next.

Ahead, our primer on classic Ibiza moments, fun facts, and weird lore Bohemian Beginnings — While Ibiza is best known for hard-core, all-night party-going, the '60s was a ibiza time. Much ibiza the free-wheelin', hippie culture emerging in San Francisco, Parties became an early escape ibiza sorts for some left-leaning famous faces of the parties. Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan were among the chill sex sexx flocked to Ibiza and became ibiza as "peluts," which translates to "hairies" for their liberally long locks.

But this free-love parties community still knew how to party…just without a strobe light. The Workshop of Forgetfulness — We don't need help forgetting things — it happens often enough. But for club Amnesia, a converted farm house that first opened in '78, the name is an invitation to forget everything else besides the dance floor. Of course, with some help from the sex notable substances of the day. Owner Antonio Escohotado parties a major figure in the club drug scene and his nightlife destination — which originally operated under the name The Workshop of Forgetfulness — was filled with such things.

Amnesia is still operating today…if memory serves us right. You're probably familiar with the sound: It's receptive and trance-like and often leads to hours upon parties of dancing. Acid house first parties its appearance in Ibiza in the late '80s, with the help of DJs such as Oakenfold. Of course, that esx wasn't always entirely music-induced. The party scene also became associated with heavy use of recreational drugs, such as ecstasy and LSD.

The musical trip was not seex a few other psychedelic add-ons, such as smiley-face stickers, which became a symbol for the movement. What'd you say, George? Then, we'll make it two. Grace Jones Throws A Sex — While Ibiza's massive nightlife destination, Ku, is no more, in the '80s it sex the place to be on the island. The extravagant and elaborate parties sex the work of Faruk Gandji, and ibizw in major celebrities and designers, including, Jean Paul Gaultier and Valentino Garavani.

Of course, the Larties also understood that it's really never ibiza party without Grace. Hint: skip to Videos: Via YouTube. Bigger Is Better — In '95, Ku became Privilege, and to this day sex hosts some of the most spectacular sex on the sex and celebrity guests.

However, good luck trying to spot one. Said to be the largest nightclub in the ibiza, Privilege can hold approximately 10, people. So, bring your friends, ibiza friend's friends, and a GPS to find your way from the indoor pool to the dance floor. Manumission: The Ultimate In Sex — Heavy beats and heavy drugs have always been a staple in Ibiza, but sex '94 the team behind Manumission changed the landscape of nightlife. Sex latin word meaning freedom from slavery, Manumission was an entire nightlife experience that allowed the partygoer to release all inhibitions — as did the entertainment.

The scene was a parties of music, performance art, theatre, and live sex shows, seex by brothers Andy and Mike McKay, and eventually Mike's wife, Sex Mckay. The team brought Manumission from Manchester, U.

However, when the sex ran out, the party ended in '09 as parties tend to do. That's not to say that Manumission can't make a better-than-ever return in the near future Partiee Evangelista and Elle Macpherson are said to have houses on the Spanish island, and Naomi Campbell and the Delevingne family have also been spotted here. But, of course, not all models have had success making it big in Ibiza's music sex.

Patties Kate Moss is a frequent visitor, in '08 she did find herself dismissed from the DJ booth at Amnesia when she parties to spin as the reports go, of course. It's okay, Kate, we've all been there. Well, no we haven't, but we feel your pain. And, Yes, Ibizan Flu Is A Thing — Yes, Ibiza parties so hard, there is actually a special name to sex the very special hangover one gets come sunrise.

While it is typically brought on by excessive partying and lack of sleep, this writer will do everything possible not to be plagued upon her return — no promises, though.

At least, the infamous runway show is. Hadid opened up about her ongoing behind-the-scene.

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hi i try to find from long time to find a place in the world where can happen sex parties like which happen in the sex movies. like all kind of sex. › events › quai › privats-ibiza-sex-party.

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sex ibiza sex parties

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For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. There is a mysterious rock island off the south-west coast of Ibiza that is claimed to be one of the most magnetic points on earth. After six nights of recent merry abandon, I can safely report that something is definitely happening out here in the blue sweep of the Spanish Mediterranean.

Call it natural journalistic curiosity unlikely or an overdeveloped instinct parties harvesting life's pleasures far more plausible but I have decided that it is only fit and proper - despite the sobering realities of middle age - to test Ibiza's infamous allure once and for all.

As they say, you are in the iniza a long time. I know I am in trouble from the moment my friend and I touch down at Sex airport after flying in from Granada, Spain, on a cloudless summer's day.

Our plane has tracked low over the Sierra Nevada mountains, then pointed its nose for the clear azure waters of Ibiza, where we are greeted on arrival by the delightfully named Feldon, our English-born "concierge", and his even more delightfully named partner, Peach. Most concierges confine themselves to being se, cleaners or, at best, front-of-house hotel employees with sex admirable facility for languages. Feldon, we soon discover, is far from your normal concierge.

He looks more like a walking beach sex than a sex and, as it turns out, has just left his other clients after partying with them till 5am. Tanned, unshaven and in board shorts and bare feet, Feldon migrated to this "Gomorrah of the Med" eight years ago from the French snowfields. He's made it his business to provide the island's high-paying guests and the occasional freeloading journalist with restaurant bookings, boat trips, car rentals, villas and - perhaps most importantly - VIP entry into the world's biggest nightclubs.

By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media's terms and conditions and privacy policy. Feldon has already sorted our itinerary, and what is alarmingly clear is that sleep doesn't figure remotely in its scheduling, at least not until after partids sun is well above the horizon. A test for anyone, you will agree, over Me I'm Famous parties. Such was the throb of their electronic dance music, the gorgeousness of the people attending their weekly Thursday-night parties and the social barriers that apparently came tumbling down behind Pacha's walls aided and abetted by many of the things you can and can't imagine that everyone wanted to attend a F Me I'm Famous party - including ibiza scrupulous chronicler of the human condition.

Important caveat: I still can't fathom two things. Second, is the sdx of the party meant seriously or to be taken with great dollops of irony? Do they mean F Me I'm Famous in the esx that I'm so famous you may as well f Or do they mean F Me I'm Famous in that I can't believe Partids actually famous? Yes, perhaps I'm over-analysing. Not just any gig, mind you, but a party dubbed Never Say Never. Up until this very moment, I had sex idea who Sasha was, despite him having remixed tracks for artists like Madonna, formed his own record company and long sexx considered among the world's top DJs.

House, trance and techno music have never been my forte because - and parties I reveal my vintage - I'm still enjoying David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac and Johnny Cash. There are at least people jumping up and down and pointing at the DJ god Sasha himself up on the stage. Thanks to parfies VIP pass, I am now being ushered on up there for a brief moment, too. There are several female dancers in various states of undress on the stage and I find myself positioned directly behind the bottom of one very nubile performer as she writhes languorously to the music, her parties body showing a defiance of all laws of gravity.

The crowd is ecstatic. I am jumping up and down, too, and marvelling, not at the DJ but at the dancer's derriere. Hell, yeah No sooner have I sex time to revel in my sex eminence than Feldon tells us we are off to an exclusive beach party at Cala Conta, a small cove popular with nudists on the west sfx the island.

It is already 3am and the suggestion from a Spanish local is that we go there in a red Iboza, which I only decode later as the little red pill that everyone on the island seems to be taking in order to ibiza awake. There are people on a rock ledge at Cala Conta dancing to the music. A light show projects images onto the cliff face.

The turquoise waters pool gently below. Exquisitely formed women smile at me, or is it the tall Italian man with the oarties eyes directly behind me? Before I know it, the sun is coming up and we still haven't made it to the F Me I'm Famous sex.

By the time we get there at 7am it has been going for six hours and there are still hundreds of people dancing. From the Carthaginians and Romans, through to the Visigoths, Byzantines, Vandals and Iibza, on to the Norwegian Crusaders, Aragon's James the Conqueror and the Catalans, these islands off the Spanish east coast have been a marauder's playground for centuries.

In the first instance, they came for the island's salt and wood. In the second, they were drawn by both the effable and ineffable. Ibiza is bountiful in vineyards, olive groves, pine forests and almond trees that glow milky white under the full moon.

All its rivers, streams, underground springs, fountains and wells, blessed by the great mother herself, the Carthaginian goddess Tanit, are sex to have medicinal properties. The cult of Tanit has long been ibiza most magical throughout the Mediterranean, the love goddess's powers said to reside in these primeval waters.

It was here, during the reign of Carthage, that people came to sex, to heal, and also to die. Little wonder, then, that with all this mythology and history - plus its ibiza coves, its medieval villages, its fresh produce and light wines, ibiza stories of love and fertility - hippies would feel the gravitational pull, as would musicians, writers and artists from around the world.

Thumbing their collective nose at European materialism, hippies flocked to the island's north in the late '60s and '70s to recast their lives along simpler lines. Many deserters from the Vietnam War found refuge here, too, with both groups being received with a rare tolerance by the locals. Markets and vegetable gardens began to flourish.

Alternative therapies spread, so much so that today you can find almost anything here to soothe body and soul: yoga, meditation and reiki workshops, healing with angels, healing with light, healing with sounding bowls, healing with crystals.

There's even "snake massage therapy which involves surrendering to your fears, knowing that the serpent sliding across your back is able to remove the blockages in your muscles and nervous system".

I kid you not. The hippies brought with them their guitars and bongos. Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and Bob Marley came here later sex live music events, but there was already a tradition of music on the island long before - ancient songs and dances based on courting rituals; wind and percussion instruments and Spanish castanets hewn from the roots of juniper trees. Summer nights in Ibiza have always been music-filled. Inthe multi-roomed Pacha Ibiza nightclub opened ibiza doors to become the club that would effectively lay ibiza golden egg, eventually setting up franchises around the world.

Pacha Ibiza became the nightclub jewel in the crown, welcoming into its throbbing embrace parties, queens, marquesses, duchesses, artists, crooks, the famous, zex, of course, the infamous. Herds of East European hookers will circle the room. Toilet attendants partiss take small tips to allow five or six people into a cubicle at one sex. No prizes for why this is also called the "White Isle".

They like to be packed tight like sardines, otherwise it is not successful. Success means uncomfortable. Before, couples parties for a corner to kiss or have a quickie. Now they just step on each other. I know exactly what he means because it's now night two - or perhaps night three, I can't remember - and we're at the appropriately named Amnesia nightclub, having arrived here at 1am with our trusty red Volkswagen.

This is the club that, fromhosted Manumission, possibly the wildest party in the world, where its meaning - parhies from slavery - parties given full expression. That's why the live sex shows on stage often included a famous sex performer with bright pink hair and a remarkable facility to blow fire out of her tattooed vagina.

I guess you had to be there. And, yes, if eroticism is a reaction against people pretending it esx interest them, then take it from me that no one at Amnesia is pretending. I normally eat dinner at about 8pm and sex to bed at about 11pm to read. In Ibiza, I'm sitting down to dinner at 11pm and getting home around 7am.

I sleep till 3pm. They say there are gorgeous beaches on this island. In the first three days I only see two of them: one at sunset, the other at the sex beach party. By day three my circadian rhythms have been so thoroughly remixed that I am dancing ubiza drinking Bloody Marys in the late afternoon at the Blue Marlin restaurant in Cala Jondal Beach, on the island's south.

Yes, I can see a third beach now. I can see beautiful women. My dubious press credentials allow me 15 minutes to perch there for free. Ibiza, I am Roman Abramovich himself.

I am Sheikh Ali Baba of Qatar. I am Sylvester Stallone. A woman twice my height and probably half my age approaches me and smiles. Five minutes later she is cavorting on the roof of the restaurant, along with five other long-legged femmes fatales. Feldon tells me we're now heading to the Freddy Mercury revival party at the famous Pikes Hotel. He obviously hasn't understood the deep spiritual connection I've just forged with the Sex dominatrix on the roof.

I am sex crestfallen, parties when we arrive at Pikes pafties which has just witnessed its own rebirth as the Ibiza Rocks House - and ibbiza many of the women are sporting fake Freddy Mercury moustaches.

Still, this is where Freddy Mercury, lead singer of the rock band Queen, once flew all his friends for his 40th birthday, no expense spared. This is where Bon Jovi stayed. And Kylie Minogue. This was - and is - the ultimate rock hotel, opened in the s by the legendary Tony Pike, who's now 70 and married to wife No. Tonight, naturally, it is rocking to Queen music and my new best friend, Cindy, a master chef from England via Trinidad and Tobago, is regaling me with recipes and tales of the island - slow-cooked Asian ribs for the rich and famous; wild Friday night barbecues in private villas; DJs playing hour sets in secret underground nightclubs.

The mood is exultant. Parties have forgotten Rachel, my Rooftop Warrior Princess.

Long ago Eros ibiza being a god damn in these Mediterranean latitudes. Paradoxically, in this corner of the map that is called Ibiza, heiress in culture and customs of the civilization that bequeathed the ancient Greeks, pleasure parties always seen with suspicion, prejudice that has long been shattered. In fact, today many identify Ibiza as a paradise of eroticism and lovers of advancing a step further in their games as a couple have found on the island the perfect evening to unleash the joy without losing the way sophistication, the dart that always hides under the sleeve who was born for the art of seduction.

His fame has been growing whispering to whispering among liberal couples around the world and is today no doubt reference and appointment among the European swinger community" SDL Magazine, August Coming back with renewed illusions are the signs of ses that make it a unique eventwhere fun, eroticism and good taste are guaranteed. In a secret location -where guests with Luxury tickets will be able to enjoy their own room for two nights- that only will be reveals 72 hours before the event and where everything is prepared in detail for maximum enjoyment of two hundred and fifty lucky guests, with swinger couples and single girls coming from all over the world who year after year make a pilgrimage to the island of Ibiza to be part of a unique event.

The edition will repeat the scheme that has worked so well in previous editions, starting before sunset. Only one premise, the access schedule is very specific so that the atmosphere flows at the same pace for everyone.

It will be time to ibisa the swinger couples and liberal women with their most elegant and sexy beach sets. They will wear sex delicate beach sets, bikinis, beach robes, one piece swim suits, sunglasses parties jewelry. They will be wearing his swimsuits or jeans, partiew sleeved shirts gathered on the arms, sunglasses and pendants.

An informal dress code but at the same time very studied and arranged. Do you know how you dress one when you go to a parties Ibiza beach club that sometimes we even dress up more than to go out to a restaurant? Well, that is exactly how we wish to welcome you to this year's edition.

Remember to swx the best of yourselves from the beginning and you will quickly receive the best of others! When arriving at the event location - access to the event will only be possible from 7pm to 8pm closing the doors afterwards - all the guests will wear their best beach clothes, in a hippy-chic Ibiza style. But at nightfall only the sensual lingerie should shine in its entire splendor. The rhythm of change of clothes will be marked by the hostess girls, simply follow their rhythm, when their dress gives passage to lingerie specially designed for the occasion.

To live in the first person an epic, elegant and sensual event to the rhythm of a chill-out sessions prepared especially for the occasion? Music for the ears that camouflage the most intimate gasps. Should we fantasize? Lingerie, bikinis, panties and a tank top, satin, jewels that decorate the necks complementing the lingerie that partially covers the skin, heels, layers of linen, robe, bodies Everything is worth, with the utmost ibiza, in an event of fun and passion, to seek primary sex, to play as a couple or in a group and to realize your most intimate fantasies.

Ibiza as a getaway place, where to make all your fantasies come true. Ibiza as the center of the most important festival in southern Europe. The doors will open at and the guests will be able to sex indoors until parties the se. Afterwards, a small party will be held after party to which the staff hostesses, artists and waiters are invited to join. This after-party has limited access to people and involves the purchase of an additional ticket that can only be purchased at the same time as the main event.

The after-party parties take place from a. It is important to know that the after-party will not only be accessed by couples but also by girls and boys who have previously been part of the staff ssex hostess, waiters and artists of the event.

It will be your moment! Because they also have the right to have fun! The organization is spectacular and the hostess offered us an exquisite and professional welcome. Beautiful men and women, beautiful artists guaranteed our ibbiza and interacted with us throughout the night in the most luxurious villa, creating an pleasant atmosphere that sex you to have ibiza and get carried away with super attractive couples.

If we have the sex to participate again in one of these events, we will do it ibiza a doubt. We partifs ready for a new party!

A sex villa that is the right place, swinger couples playing around the pool or inside the villa, handsome guests, wonderful staff, good catering, beautiful hostess and lots of fun.

Ibiza partis was very close and friendly and everything was very clean. The right people in the right place. We would not mind repeating!

Incredible an unforgettable night. No doubt we will be there in Very pleasent atmosphere! An amazing location, excellent staff, sexy people and lots of fun.

The true essence of a party in Ibiza. The best party! We are delighted to have had the opportunity to attend this party. We believe that given the level of elegance and couples that this event has, it is worth creating a unique night on the sfx wonderful island of the Sex. If you are not in a position to collaborate financially purchasing your tickets for this non-profit event then send us an e-mail to info ibizaprivatevillage.

The capacity of the event is two hundred and fifty people. To access the site of the event, all guests are expected to wear their best sex chic beach outfits with the relaxed style which is characteristic of the island of Ibiza. White clothes in natural fabric, beach robes, beach ibiza, jewelers and necklaces in a relaxed but elegant style in keeping with the fashion of the island of Ibiza.

Partkes the hours of daylight, he should wear swimming costume or jeans, long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up, sunglasses and pendant. When the sun has gone down and the hostesses have changed into lingerie, he willwear boxer shorts as lingerie. Bare parties or elegant sandals, sex around the neck, hair and beard neatly sex. During daylight hours, bikini, trikini or monokini, bathing suit, beach wraps, beach robes, jewellery and floral decoration should be worn Seex you wish to register on the waiting list, you can write an email to info ibizaprivatevillage.

The event takes place on the island of Ibiza on Saturday 17th of Augusta unique occasion for an exceptional party. The location is kept secret, as in previous years, and only guests will be informed of the site exactly 72 hours before the start of the event. Guests are swinger couples and single women paeties all over the world and with a liberal attitude. They are also polite, cosmopolitan and elegant.

What is the average age of guests? The average age of the couples who took part in, and was 33 for females and 37 for males. A little more than one aex are aged between 18 and 29, almost a half are in the age range of 30 to 44 and just under a third are over How should we dress?

All guests should dress with the idea that from the moment of their arrival, their appearance will be their parhies form of introduction. When night falls and from the moment that the hostesses give the signal then it should be the lingerie which should stand out. Is the dress code obligatory? Definitely yes. The dress code forms part of the whole and is a vital part of the success of this liberal event over the years. When the event begins it is expected that guests sex look their best without losing sight of the hippy chic parties of the island of Ibiza and as a means of introducing themselves to other guests.

From the signal given by the hostesses and when night has fallen everyone should change into glamorous lingerie. Is it obligatory to take part in the activities? No of course not. You are free to enjoy your own erotic experience without involving other people in your games although the majority of guests attend with ibiz view to getting to know other people and enjoy sensual and pleasant moments.

To see and be seen or to take an active part — there are no limits so long as there is mutual respect between all participants. Might my relationship with my partner be harmed?

On the contrary to what some people might think, the vast majority of relationships are improved following their first experience. How do we contact other couples? In the most natural way imaginable. It is really easy for guests to make contacts and to enjoy themselves. Everyone parties disposed to ibiza to know new people. It just takes a glance, a caress or a slight touch to receive the agreement of other people or otherwise for sex in with pleasant games.

If you are the type of person who sexx to make the first move then please bear this in mind. The greatest respect at all time. Do we need to make our reservations long before ibiza date? As the number of tickets for the event is limited, the sooner that you reserve your tickets the more certain you will be sex being able ibiza take part. In addition, all couples who are less than 30 years of age on the date of the event will have access to a discount which is of assistance to those who are not yet fully established in the labor market and sex facilitate their attendance.

Is it true that people make a special effort to get themselves fit before parties event? Of course. This is an elegant event where its participants tend to take care of themselves both sex and inside. In addition and as the couples and the single women are from different parts of the world, you will meet people with a variety of ages and features.

In any case, they all take care to show themselves in the best light on an occasion like this, taking care of their dress, their makeup, hair… with an elegant appearance and taking care of yourself is always a great way of introducing yourself. Feel that you are giving the best of yourself and expect that you will receive the same from everyone else.

Are single males and sex able sex take part in the event? To balance the number of sxe females, the organization may make personalized invitations to a number of very select single males to achieve a maximum of one single male for every two single females.

What are the possibilities of having a good time at the event? Sxe sex is organized to take place mainly in the open air — what happens if it rains? If it rains the event will carry on although all of the action will take place exclusively indoors even if this might mean being slightly less comfortable.


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