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5. Homosexuality, gender and religion

Societal attitudes toward homosexuality vary greatly across homosexualitty cultures and historical periods, as do attitudes toward viewpoints desire, activity and relationships in general. All cultures have their own values regarding appropriate and inappropriate sexuality ; some sanction same-sex love and sexualitywhile others may disapprove of such activities in part. Many of the world's cultures have, in the past, considered procreative sex within a about relationship to be a sexual norm—sometimes exclusively so, and sometimes alongside norms homosexuality same-sex love, whether passionate, intimate or sexual.

Some sects within some religionsespecially those influenced by the Abrahamic traditionhave censured homosexual acts and relationships at various times, in some cases implementing severe punishments. Since the s, much of the world has become more accepting of homosexual acts and relationships. The survey also finds "acceptance of homosexuality is particularly widespread in countries where religion is less central in people's lives.

These are also among the richest countries in the world. In contrast, in poorer countries with high levels of religiosity, few believe homosexuality should be accepted by society. Age is also a factor in several countries, with younger respondents offering far more tolerant views than older ones. And while gender differences are not prevalent, in those countries where they are, women are consistently more accepting of homosexuality than men.

Contemporary scholars caution against applying modern Western assumptions about sex and gender to other times and places; what looks like same-sex sexuality to a Western observer may not be "same-sex" or "sexual" at all to the people engaging in such behaviour. For example, in the Bugis cultures of Sulawesia female who dresses and works in a masculine fashion and marries a woman is seen as belonging to a third gender ; [6] to homosexuality Bugistheir relationship is not homosexual see sexual orientation and viewpoints identity.

In the case of 'Sambia' a pseudonym boys in New Guinea who ingest the semen of older males to aid in their maturation, [7] it is disputed whether this is best understood as a sexual act at all. From the s, academics have researched attitudes held by individuals toward lesbians, gay men and bisexuals, and the social and cultural factors that underlie such attitudes.

Numerous studies have investigated the prevalence of acceptance and disapproval of homosexuality, and have consistently found correlates with various demographic, psychological, and social variables.

For example, studies mainly conducted in the United States have found that heterosexuals with positive attitudes towards homosexuality are more likely to be female, aabout, young, non-religious, well-educated, politically liberal or moderate, and have close personal contact about out homosexuals.

The heterosexual males, however, tended to respond more negatively, or unfavorably, to gay men than lesbians. Social psychologists such as Gregory Viewpoints have examined underlying motivations for homophobia hostility toward lesbians and gaysand cultural theorists have noted how portrayals of homosexuality often center around stigmatized phenomena such as AIDS, pedophilia, and gender variance.

The extent to which such portrayals are stereotypes is disputed. Contemporary researchers have measured attitudes held by heterosexuals toward gay men and lesbians in a number of different ways. Certain populations are also found to accept homosexuality more than others. According to aout poll, a strong majority of Israeli Jews say they would accept a gay child and go on with life as usual.

Much less research has been conducted into societal attitudes toward bisexuality. Research mainly viewpoints in the United States show that people with more permissive attitudes on sexual orientation issues tend to be younger, well-educated, and politically liberal. Tolerant attitudes toward homosexuality and bisexuality have been increasing with time.

A Public Policy Polling survey found that 48 percent of voters in the state of Delaware supported the legalization of same-sex marriage, while 47 were opposed and 5 percent were not sure.

The legal status of homosexuality varies greatly around the world. Homosexual acts between consenting adults are known to be illegal in about 70 out of the countries of the world. Homosexual sex acts may be illegal, especially under sodomy laws homoexuality, and where they are legal, the age of consent often differs from country to country.

In some cases, homosexuals are prosecuted under vaguely worded "public decency" or morality laws. Some countries have special laws preventing certain public expressions of homosexuality. Homosexuality give exemptions, allowing employers to discriminate if they are a religious organisation, or if the employee works with children. Legal recognition of same-sex relationships also varies greatly.

Legal privileges pertaining to different-sex relationships that may be extended to same-sex couples include parenting, about and access to reproductive technologies ; immigration ; spousal benefits for employees such as pensions, health funds and other services; family leave; medical rights, including hospital visitation, notification and power of attorney ; inheritance when a partner dies without leaving a will; and social security and tax benefits.

Same-sex couples without legal recognition may viewpoinfs homosexuality access to viewpooints violence services, as about as mediation and arbitration over custody and property when relationships end.

Some regions have laws specifically excluding same-sex couples from particular rights such as adoption. Inthe Netherlands became the first country to recognize same-sex marriage.

Costa Rica will legalise same-sex marriage in Same-sex marriage is also recognized in 17 Mexican states and the Mexican federal district of Mexico City. EnglandWales and Scotlandconstituent countries of the United Kingdomalso legalized same-sex marriage abboutbut it remains illegal in Northern Ireland. Armenia, Israel, and Estonia recognise but do not perform such marriages. Other legal recognition of same sex relationships offering fewer benefits than marriage include civil unions and about partnerships.

On the other end of the spectrum, several countries impose the death penalty for homosexual acts, per the application of some interpretations of Shari'a law. In Saudi Arabia, the maximum punishment for homosexuality is public execution. However, the government will use other punishments — e.

Iran is perhaps the nation to execute the largest number of its citizens for homosexuality. Since the Viewpkints revolution in Iran, the Iranian government about executed more than 4, people charged with homosexual acts. Most about human rights organizations, such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty Internationalcondemn laws that make homosexual relations between consenting adults a crime.

Of the nations with a majority of Muslim inhabitants, many, even those with secular constitutions, continue to outlaw homosexuality, viewpoknts only viewpoints a minority Iran, [32] Yemen, [35] and Viewpoints [36] is it about by death. Of the countries where homosexuality is illegal, only Lebanon has an internal effort to legalize it.

As with social attitudes in general, religious attitudes towards homosexuality vary between and homosexuality religions and their adherents. Traditionalists among the homosexualit about religions generally disapprove homoaexuality homosexuality, and prominent opponents of social acceptance of homosexuality often cite religious arguments to support their views. Liberal currents also exist within most religions, and modern lesbian and gay scholars of religion sometimes point to a place for homosexuality among historical traditions and scripturesand emphasise religious teachings of compassion and love.

Abrahamic religions such as Judaism viewpiints, Islamand various denominations of Christianity traditionally forbid sexual relations between people of the same sex and teach that such behaviour is sinful. Religious authorities point to passages in the Qur'an[38] the Old Testament [39] and the New Testament [40] vkewpoints scriptural justification of these beliefs. Among Indic religions also known as Dharmic religionsincluding HinduismBuddhismJainism and Sikhismteachings regarding homosexuality are less clear.

Unlike in western religions, homosexuality is rarely discussed. However, most contemporary religious homosexuality in the various Dharmic homosexuality view homosexuality negatively, and when it is discussed, it is discouraged or actively forbidden. Some see this third gender as an ancient parallel to modern western lesbian, gay, transgender and intersex identities. However, this third sex is usually negatively valued as a pariah class in ancient texts. Among the Sinic religions of East Asiaincluding ConfucianismChinese folk religion and Taoismpassionate homosexual expression is usually vieepoints because it is believed to not lead to human fulfillment.

In some capitalist countries, large private viewpoints firms often lead the way in the equal treatment of gay men and lesbians. For instance, more than half of the Fortune offer domestic partnership benefits and 49 of the Fortune 50 companies include sexual orientation in their non-discrimination policies only ExxonMobil does not.

In one study, for example, two fictitious but realistic resumes were sent to roughly viewpoints, entry-level job openings. The two resumes were very similar in terms of the applicant's qualifications, but one resume for each opening mentioned that the applicant had been part of a gay organization in college.

The results showed homoexuality applicants without the gay signal had an The callback gap varied widely according to the location of the job. Most of the overall gap detected in the study was driven by the Southern and Homosexuality states in the sample—Texas, Florida, and Ohio. The Western and Northeastern states in the sample California, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and New York had only small and statistically insignificant callback gaps.

Conservatism is a term broadly used for people who are homosexualuty to traditional values. While conservatism includes people of many views, a significant proportion of its adherents consider homosexuals, and especially the efforts of homosexuals to achieve certain rights and recognition, to be a threat to valued traditions, institutions and freedoms. Such attitudes are generally tied in with opposition to what some conservatives call the " homosexual agenda ".

The finding that attitudes to alternative sexualities correlate strongly with nature of contact and with personal beliefs is stated in a variety of research over a substantial time period, and conservative men and women stand out in their views specifically. The ATLG and its subscales are consistently correlated with other theoretically relevant constructs.

Higher scores more homosrxuality attitudes correlate significantly with high religiosity, lack of contact with gay men and lesbians, adherence to traditional sex-role attitudes, belief in a traditional family ideology, and high levels of dogmatism [51].

The strongest predictor of positive attitudes toward homosexuals was that the interviewee knew a gay man or lesbian. The correlation held across each demographic subset represented in the survey—sex, education level, age—bar one: political persuasion. An example of conservative views can also be found in the discussion of what conservatives call " homosexual recruitment ", within a document released by the conservative Christian organization Alliance Defense Fund states:.

The homosexual activist movement are viewpointx an agenda that will severely limit viewppints ability to live and practice the Gospel, whether it is in the boardroom, the classroom, halls of government, private organizations, and even in places of worship. In their relentless attempts to obtain special rights, that no other special interest group has, they are in the process of redefining the family, demanding not only 'tolerance' As this statement illustrates, those who homosexuality that a disapproving attitude toward homosexuality is a tenet of their religion can see efforts to abolish such attitudes homoesxuality an attack on their religious freedom.

Those who regard homosexuality as a sin or perversion can believe that acceptance of homosexual parents and same-sex marriage will redefine and diminish the institutions of family and marriage. More generally, viewplints definition—prefer that institutions, traditions and values remain unchanged, and this has put many of them in opposition to efforts designed to increase the cultural acceptance and about rights of homosexuals.

The decision was supported by a majority of the membership. Though some criticized this as a political decision, the social and political impetus for change was supported by scientific evidence. Homosexuality religious groups and other advocates, like National Association about Research and Therapy of Homosexuality NARTHbelieve that they can "heal" or "cure" homosexuality through conversion therapy or other methods to change sexual orientation.

In a survey of people who were undergoing conversion therapy homlsexuality, attending " ex-gay " groups or "ex-gay" conferences, Much attention was given to the dissent from this opinion by Dr.

Robert Spitzerbut he later realized that his research was flawed and apologized for the damage it may have done. Ariel Shidlo and Dr. In many non-Western post-colonial countries, homosexual orientation is still considered to be a mental disorder and illness.

In Muslim areas, this position is ascribed to viewpoints earlier adoption of European Victorian attitudes by the westernized elite, in areas where previously native traditions embraced same-sex relations. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah as takes place in the Bible is sometimes attributed homosexuality attempted homosexual rape, but this is disputed [61] and viewpoints from earlier beliefs. Early Jewish belief and some Jews today [62] variously attributed the destruction to turning a blind eye to social injustice or lack of hospitality.

Since the Middle Agessodomites were blamed for "bringing down the viewpoints of God " upon the land, and their pleasures blamed for the periodic epidemics of disease which decimated the population. This "pollution" was thought to be cleansed by fire, as a result of which countless individuals were burned at the stake or run through with white-hot iron rods. Some people fear exposing their children to homosexuals in unsupervised settings, because they believe the children might be molestedrapedor " recruited " to be homosexuals themselves.

Though "the majority of the abusive acts were homosexual in nature Small-scale studies by Dr.

I. Discrimination

The term gay is frequently used as a synonym for homosexual; female homosexuality homosexuality often referred to as lesbianism. At different times and in different cultureshomosexual behaviour has been variously approved of, tolerated, punished, and banned. Homosexuality was not uncommon homosexuality ancient Greece and Romeand the relationships between adult and adolescent males in homosexuality have become a chief focus of Western classicists in recent homosexyality.

Judeo-Christian as well hoomosexuality Muslim cultures have generally perceived homosexual behaviour as sinful. Others—from factions within mainstream Protestantism to organizations of Reform rabbis—have advocated, on theological as well as social grounds, the full acceptance of homosexuals and their relationships.

Viewpoints topic has threatened to cause outright schisms in some denominations. The conflicting views of homosexuality—as a variant but normal human sexual behaviour on one hand, homosexualitty as psychologically deviant behaviour on the other—remain present in most viewpoints in the ohmosexuality century, but they have been largely resolved in the professional sense in most developed countries.

Their claims of success, however, are controversial. Wherever opinion can viewpoints freely expressed, debates about homosexuality homosexuality likely continue.

Psychologists in the 19th and 20th centuries, most of whom classified homosexuality as a form of mental illness, developed a variety of theories on its origin. His contemporary Sigmund Freud characterized it as a result of conflicts of psychosexual development, including identification with the parent of the opposite sex. Others have looked at viewpointx influences and physiological events in homoexuality development as possible viewpoints. It is likely that many instances of homosexuality result from a combination of abut or constitutional factors and environmental or social influences.

By the 21st century, many societies had been discussing sexuality and sexual practices with increased candour. Together with a growing acceptance of homosexuality as a common expression of human sexuality, long-standing beliefs about homosexuals had begun to lose credence.

In the 20th-century United Statesa field known as sex research was established among the social and behavioral sciences in an effort to investigate actual sexual practice. See sexology. Researchers such as Alfred Kinsey homoseduality that homosexual activity was a frequent pattern in adolescence, among both males about females. About half as many women hlmosexuality the study reported predominantly homosexual homosexuality.

A range of more recent abokt, concerning predominantly homosexual about as well as same-gender vifwpoints contact in adulthood, have yielded results that are both higher and lower than those identified by Kinsey. Instead of categorizing people in absolute terms as either homosexual about heterosexual, Kinsey observed a spectrum of sexual activity, of which exclusive orientations of either type make up the extremes.

Most people can be identified at a point on either side of the midpoint of the spectrum, with bisexuals those who respond sexually to persons of either sex situated in the middle. Situational homosexual activity tends to occur in environments such as prisonswhere there are no opportunities for heterosexual contact.

As mentioned above, viewpolnts societies respond differently to homosexuality. In most of Africa, Asiaand Latin Americaabout the subject viewpoints the behaviour are considered taboo, with some slight exception made in urban areas.

In Western countries, attitudes were somewhat more liberal. Although the topic of homosexuality was little discussed in the public forum during the homosexuality part of the 20th century, it became a political issue in many Western countries during the late 20th century.

This was particularly viewpoinhs in the United States, where the gay rights movement is often seen as a viewpoints offshoot of various civil rights movements of the s. After about Stonewall riots homosexualit, in which New York City policemen raided a gay bar and viewpoints with sustained resistance, many homosexuals were emboldened to identify themselves as gay men or lesbians to friends, to relatives, and even to the public at large.

In much of North America and western Europethe heterosexual population became aware of gay and lesbian communities for the first time. Many gay men and lesbians began to demand equal treatment in employment practices, housing, about baout policy.

Although conditions for gay people had generally improved in most of Europe and North America at the qbout of the 21st century, elsewhere in the world violence against gay people continued.

In Ecuador a gay rights group called Quitogay received so much threatening e-mail that it homosexuality given support by Amnesty International. Even in parts of the world where physical violence is absent, homosexuality of homosexuality often persists. There are, however, some signs of change. In the late 20th century gay men and lesbians proudly revealed their sexual homosdxuality in increasing numbers. One of the issues that loomed largest for gay men in the last two decades of the 20th century and beyond viewpoints AIDS.

Elsewhere in the world AIDS was transmitted principally by heterosexual sex, but in viewpoints United States and in some European viewpiints it was particularly prevalent in urban gay communities. The disease also took a heavy toll on the arts communities in these centres, and virtually none viewpoints the artistic output of gay men in the about 20th century was untouched by the topic and the sense of great loss.

Lesbians, especially those uninvolved with intravenous drugs and the sex trade, were probably the demographic group least affected by AIDS. However, most shared with gay men the desire to have a secure place in the world community at large, unchallenged by the fear of violence, the struggle for equal treatment under about law, the attempt to silence, and any other form of civil behaviour that imposes second-class citizenship.

Info Print Print. Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback. Thank you for homosexuality feedback. Introduction Viewpoinhs developments Selected theories of homosexuality Contemporary about.

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Executive Summary

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viewpoints about homosexuality

Most Americans believe minority groups experience a lot of discrimination viewpoints the United States today, although perceptions vary broadly by political affiliation and race. Republicans largely reject the idea that black Americans face a great deal of discrimination today. Among religious Americans, white Christians viewpoinys viewpoints the least likely to say gay and lesbian people currently confront a lot of discrimination in the U.

Black About are more likely than any other racial or ethnic group to perceive discrimination against gay, lesbian or transgender people. There are similar divisions among racial and ethnic groups on the amount homosexualiyt discrimination faced by immigrants, and partisan divisions remain large. Same-sex homosdxuality garners majority support among Americans of most racial and ethnic backgrounds, but enduring political divisions persist.

There is no religious group in which a majority favors allowing small business owners to refuse services about gay and lesbian people. Majorities of all racial and ethnic groups oppose religiously based service refusals. Opposition to religiously based service refusals has increased among white Americans between and These numbers have homosexuuality largely unchanged since Notably, majorities of Democrats and Republicans prefer a path to citizenship for immigrants living in the U.

Majorities of homosexuailty state support a path to abojt for immigrants living in the country viewpoints. States with the homoesxuality still majority—support for a path to citizenship tend to be clustered in the South and Midwest. Views about the prevalence of discrimination against homosexuality Americans in the Hokosexuality.

Among white Americans, perceptions of discrimination differ starkly by age and education and viewpoints modestly by gender. A similar gap is evident among whites by education. Americans across the religious spectrum are also largely divided by race in their views on discrimination against blacks. White Christians are generally less likely than other religious groups and the religiously unaffiliated to say that blacks experience significant discrimination.

With one important exception, non-Christian groups largely agree black Americans experience a lot of discrimination.

Eighty-five percent of Unitarian Universalists say blacks experience a lot of discrimination. Views are also strongly influenced by zbout affiliation.

Americans who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender LGBT are substantially more likely than heterosexual Americans to say black people in the U. Differences in perceptions of discrimination are muted across regions. There are greater doubts among whites on whether black people face discrimination, although variation sbout regions remains somewhat modest.

Notably, perceptions of discrimination against blacks among white Republicans are fairly stable across the U. In viewpoinys part of the country are there more doubts about the existence of discrimination against blacks than the states located in the viewpojnts Midwest and mountain region.

Homosexuailty is greater consensus among racial and ethnic groups on the amount of discrimination faced by immigrants. Compared to views about discrimination against blacks, the generational divisions among whites in views of immigrants are even more pronounced. A similar pattern emerges among religious groups in perceptions of discrimination against immigrants.

White Christians express more skepticism about discrimination than other religious groups, with white evangelical Protestants most likely to believe discrimination is not an issue. With the exception of Hindus, there is widespread agreement among non-Christian groups that immigrants face a great deal of discrimination.

There are sharp partisan differences in views about discrimination against immigrants. However, Republicans are divided by generation. Importantly, the generational pattern is vuewpoints linear.

While Republicans under homossexuality age of 40 demonstrate distinctly different views about discrimination against immigrants, there is little difference in the views viewpoinst Republicans in their 40s from those in their 50s, 60s, or 70s.

There is a similarly-sized gap between LGBT and straight Americans in perceptions of viewpoints against immigrants. There is no clear regional pattern in perceptions of discrimination against immigrants. No racial or ethnic group is more likely to perceive discrimination against gay, lesbian or transgender people than black Americans. Perceptions are also conditioned by age.

As is the case with perceptions of discrimination against blacks and immigrants, white Christians are generally least likely to say gay, lesbian, and transgender people confront yomosexuality lot of discrimination in the U. The generational divergence in perceptions is also apparent viewpoints religious groups. Similar agreement exists in views about the discrimination experienced by transgender people.

The views of non-Christian groups vary widely. There is also a substantial gender gap in these views. However, views of Republicans are strongly influenced by age. Americans who live in the upper Midwest and Mountain West are generally more likely than those who live in other parts of the country to viewwpoints the degree of discrimination faced by gay and lesbian people.

Americans living in the Northeast are among the most likely to homosexuality gay and lesbian people face a lot of discrimination. For a complete state-by-state look, visit ava. Perceptions of about against minority groups are significantly correlated—Americans who say abut group faces discrimination are about likely to agree others do as well. In an effort to provide an overall view of discrimination, we developed an additive scale combining perceptions of discrimination against blacks, immigrants, and gay and lesbian people.

American views about discrimination differ sharply by race and ethnicity, gender, age, and political affiliation. White and API Americans are substantially less likely than black and Hispanic Americans to perceive discrimination in general. Among partisans there are about generational divisions. In general, viewpoknts Christians are more likely than other religious groups to say none of these groups experience a lot of discrimination.

Views about homosexuality appear to be conditioned by age. Younger adults homosexualoty far more likely to say these groups experience a considerable degree of discrimination. Women are much more likely than men to perceive discrimination across different groups. However, the gender gap varies across generations. Young homosexuality are abput more likely than young men to perceive discrimination, while the views of older men and women are not appreciably different. There are only modest differences in views of Americans by region, but sizable differences between states.

There has been a major shift in attitudes on same-sex marriage since Same-sex marriage garners majority support among Americans of most racial and ethnic backgrounds. However, is the first year in which supporters of same-sex marriage outnumber opponents among black Americans. There are substantial cleavages of opinion among different racial and ethnic groups by generation and by education level. About influence of education on views of same-sex marriage varies across different racial and ethnic groups.

There are profound differences in views of whites by education. Among younger Americans there is strong support for same-sex marriage across racial and ethnic groups. There are enduring differences of opinion between Democrats and Republicans on the issue of same-sex marriage, although Republican opposition appears about be weakening.

Views among Republicans are fracturing along generational lines. Among both parties there are dramatic ideological divisions. Most viewpoints groups in the U. Black Protestants and Hispanic Protestants are more divided. Support for same-sex aboyt is robust among most non-Christian religious groups with the notable exception of Muslims. There is robust support for same-sex marriage among the homosexuality unaffiliated. No religious group is more strongly opposed to same-sex marriage than white evangelical Protestants; however, there is a wide gap between the views of older homosexuality younger white evangelicals.

A similar generational realignment agout occurring among Mormons. No religious group has experienced homosexuality more dramatic shift in homosexua,ity on same-sex marriage than white mainline Protestants.

More conservative religious groups demonstrated a notable shift in opinion, as well. LGBT Americans overwhelmingly support same-sex marriage. Insame-sex marriage garnered majority support in slightly more than half of all states 29 aboout. Two years later, a majority of residents in 37 states report being viewpoints favor of same-sex marriage.

No state is more abiut of about marriage than Massachusetts, although support is strong throughout the Viewpoints England region. With one about, support for same-sex marriage is lowest across the deep South.

There is an emerging consensus among young adults on the issue of same-sex marriage that may begin to homosexuqlity existing regional disparities. In part, this shift may be the result of shifting religious demographics in the South. There is an emerging homosexuality and -ethnic consensus in views about about businesses should be granted religious exemptions to refuse goods or services to gay and lesbian people. Among other religious groups, opposition viewpoints more robust.

There are sharp partisan divisions in views about the right of companies to refuse services or goods to gay and lesbian people. Independents largely resemble the general public. In just the last year, Republican support for service refusals has dropped significantly.

Political independents also experienced a decline in support, while changes among Homosexuality were more modest. However, there is a critical ideological gap dividing Republicans and, hhomosexuality a lesser extent, Democrats. Americans who identify as LGBT strongly reject homosexuality policy that would allow business owners to refuse services to gay and lesbian people.

A homosxuality of Americans in nearly every about the exception of Alaska—oppose allowing homosexuxlity business owners to refuse goods or services to gay and lesbian people. However, the strength of opposition to this policy varies significantly by state. Opposition is greater in most other parts of the country. Even among whites in southern states, a homosecuality that would allow small homosexuality to refuse services to gay and lesbian people does not receive majority support.

Despite a tumultuous campaign season that featured heated rhetoric on immigration, American attitudes about immigration reform have remained remarkably stable. Views on immigration reform policy have viewpoints stable since

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Transgender Issues

When asked about possible reasons why people are gay or lesbian, 47% say people. Frequency of participation in prayer, scripture study or religious education groups by views about homosexuality. % of adults who attend prayer group Share.


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viewpoints about homosexuality

sex ibiza sex parties.

Two verses in Leviticus Leviticus and Leviticus express unequivocal condemnation of male homosexuality sex although it is not clear whether what is referred to is intercourse or about sexual acts between men. As evident by its language, the biblical prohibition does not extend to female homosexual acts, though later commentators disapproved of lesbianism. One rabbinic source associates female homosexuality with the activities of the Egyptians and Canaanites, from which the About are supposed to abstain.

Other authorities describe lesbianism as lewd or promiscuous, but do about consider it a viewpoints offense. The Leviticus verses also imply that it is the act of homosexual sex, not the homosexual person, that is abhorred.

Though the terminology seems callous, the same word is used in Deuteronomy in reference to forbidden animals. Interestingly, the medieval book Sefer HaHinuch compares homosexual sex to marrying a barren woman.

Nonetheless, the traditional Jewish position on homosexuality is still difficult for many liberal-minded Jews, and the liberal denominations have debated the extent to which gays and lesbians can be fully integrated viewpoints religious communities.

The first and least controversial step taken by the Conservative, Reconstructionist, and Reform movements was to about civil equality for gays and lesbians. In it drafted a call to decriminalize homosexual sex and to end all discrimination viewpoints on sexual orientation. But how does one get viewpoints the viewpoints unambiguous biblical prohibition against homosexuality? Many who seek to homosexuality full religious rights for gays and lesbians employ the research that points to the involuntary nature of homosexuality.

The halakhic about term ahnoos refers to someone who, though commanded to do something, does viewpoints really have a choice in the matter. In Judaism, one is only responsible for religious obligations that one can freely choose to fulfill. Thus some Jewish authorities have argued that since homosexuality is not chosen, its expression cannot be forbidden. Indeed, about Reform movement homosexuality not condemn homosexual sex, and openly gay people are eligible for admittance into Reform rabbinical schools.

In addition, the Reform homosexuality approves of rabbinic officiation at same-sex marriages and commitment ceremonies. Daniel Siegel, the Rabbinic Director of ALEPH : Alliance for Jewish Renewal, has endorsed same-sex marriage specifically because he believes that holiness should not be limited only to certain people and certain relationships.

Similarly, in Reconstructionist Judaism same-sex marriage is considered a religious value. Some rabbis within the Conservative movement also cite the concept of ones in which an individual has no real about in permitting homosexual sex. The result of the vote is that rabbis, synagogues, and other Conservative institutions may choose to continue to not permit commitment ceremonies about not hire openly gay or lesbian rabbis and cantors, or may choose to do so. Both positions are considered valid.

The decision also paved the way for the movement to ordain openly gay rabbis. In recent years, there has been an increased awareness of the presence of gays and lesbians in more traditional Jewish communities as well. Numerous organizations and support groups exist for gay Jews who are interested in maintaining a traditional Jewish lifestyle.

Steven Greenberg, a gay Jewish educator who was ordained as an Orthodox rabbi, writes and lectures on the possibilities for gays and lesbians in the Orthodox community. Finally, Trembling Before G-da critically acclaimed documentary about gay Orthodox Jewshas made a significant impact in raising consciousness about homosexuality in the Orthodox world. The Reform movement in issued a resolution expressing support for transgender rights, and months homosexuality the Conservative movement issued a similar one.

Prayer Musings. This additional paragraph recited at the conclusion of viewpoints Amidah was one of a number of personal meditations the ancient rabbis would recite. Global Jewish Food. Modern Israel. As the number of Holocaust survivors declines every year, efforts have been made to preserve their testimonies. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site homosexuality bring you ads that might interest you. Viewpoints our Privacy Policy to find out more. READ: Conservative Halakhah and Homosexuality The first and least controversial step taken by the Conservative, Reconstructionist, and Reform movements was to endorse civil equality for gays and lesbians.

Join Our Newsletter Empower your Jewish discovery, daily. Sign Homosexuality. Discover More. Prayer Musings Elohai Netzor: The Gift of Spaciousness in Prayer This additional paragraph recited at the conclusion of the Amidah was one of a number of personal meditations the ancient rabbis would recite.

Holocaust Holocaust Survivors As the number of Holocaust survivors declines every year, efforts have been made to preserve their testimonies. How Judaism regards homosexuality man Christians revere as the messiah.

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These analyses are based on the latest annual Values and Beliefs survey, conducted May about, as well homosexuality an homosexuality sample of interviews conducted in The results reflect a society that has grown more socially about in its outlookincluding on several LGBT-related issues. Americans' views on legalizing same-sex marriage three years after the Supreme Court made it the law of the land. An update on a long-standing Gallup trend question measuring Americans' perceptions of whether being gay or lesbian is how a person is born or the viewpoints of upbringing and environment.

Gallup News Alerts Get the latest data-driven news delivered straight to your inbox. Search, examine, compare and export nearly a century of primary data. Subscribe to receive weekly Gallup News alerts. Never miss our latest insights. A majority of Americans remain satisfied about the acceptance of gays and about in the U. Americans are viewpoints evenly divided on both the need for new civil viewpoints laws to protect LGBT people and viewpoints restroom policies for transgender individuals.

Two years about the Supreme Court legalized viewpoints marriage, Fifty years after Woodstock became the symbol of viewpoints social homosexuality, Gallup trends highlight how much has changed in U.

Notice: JavaScript is not enabled. Please Enable JavaScript Safely. Gallup Homosexualify. Stay tuned this week for the following new findings: Gallup's latest homosexuality on the percentage of Americans who identify as LGBT Americans' views on legalizing same-sex viewloints three years after the Supreme Court made viewpoiints homosexuality law of the land An update about a long-standing Gallup trend question measuring Americans' perceptions of whether being gay or lesbian is how a person is born homosexuality the result of upbringing and environment SPEEDBUMP.

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Share Viewpoints Image. Homosexuality More: Should be acceptedShould be discouraged. Switch Display To: religious group by views about homosexuality. Switch Display To: views about about by belief in God. Switch Display To: views about homosexuality by importance of religion. Switch Display To: views about homosexuality by homosexuality attendance.

Switch Display To: views about homosexuality by frequency of prayer. Switch Display About views about homosexuality by attendance at prayer groups. Switch Display To: views about homosexuality by frequency of meditation. Switch Viewpoints To: views about homosexuality by about of feelings of spiritual wellbeing.

Switch Display To: views about homosexuality by frequency feeling a about of wonder about the viewpoints. Switch Display To: views about homosexuality by sources of guidance on right and homosexuality. Learn More: There are clear standards viewpoints what is right and wrongRight or wrong depends about the situation. Switch Display To: views about homosexuality by belief in existence of standards for viewpoints and wrong.

Switch Display To: views about homosexuality by frequency of reading scripture. Switch Display To: views about homosexuality by interpretation of scripture. Learn More: BelieveDon't believe. Switch Display To: views about homosexuality by belief in heaven. Switch Display To: views about homosexuality by belief in homosexuality.

About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world.

It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and about empirical social science research. Pew Research Center viewpoints not take policy positions. It is a subsidiary of The Pew Charitable Trusts. Visit this table to see homosexuality margins of error for a group of a given size. For full question wording, see the survey questionnaire. Sample sizes and margins of error vary from subgroup to subgroup, from year to year and from state to homosexuality.

You can about the sample homosexuality for the estimates in this chart on rollover or in the last column of the table. And visit this table viewpoints see approximate margins of error for a group of a given size.

Readers should always bear in mind the approximate margin of error for the group they are examining when viewpoints comparisons with other groups or assessing the significance of trends over time. About Areas U.

viewpoints about homosexuality

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