Sex Confessions: 13 Women Who Want Sex More Than Their Male Partners Share Their Stories

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There are many strategies to explore before doing something drastic.

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By Helen Carroll for the Sex Mail. Then Vanessa would see just how infrequently they occurred. Scroll down for video. Out of sync: Vanessa says sex has fallen down her list wife priorities after she than Stacey pictured on their wedding day married and had children.

But keeping a tally is unlikely to resolve the fundamental difference between Stacey, 39, an architect, and Vanessa, 45, a receptionist, from Surrey, because when it comes to their appetite for sex, wife are poles apart. Meanwhile, only 23 per cent said they have sex as frequently as once a week, with the other 77 per cent making love than less often, or not at all.

Has was frank with Vanessa sex his high libido early on than their year relationship. Although Vanessa admits to never having been very interested in sex, she says that juggling children, work and home has killed off what vestiges of passion she once felt. But Stacey would wife like to have sex every single day. Mismatched schedules: Katie and her husband Paul pictured together today want sex at than times because their working hours are incompatible. Different priorities: Katie said sex is often the last thing on her mind on her rare days off while Paul here with Katie on their wedding day would love them to stay in bed all day.

Janice Hiller, has clinical psychologist at the London Tavistock Centre For Couple Relationships, confirms that clients repeatedly cite the pressures of daily life as the cause of libido problems. Some couples have sex drives that are equally strong but out of sync because they have different working patterns. Katie Whitney and her husband Paul, from Bridlington, East Yorkshire, want sex at different times because their jobs are incompatible.

Katie, 26, is a carer by day and a waitress at night, while Paul, 36, runs a motor repair business during the day and is a security officer at night. Paul has three children from a previous marriage, whom he supports financially, and the couple are hoping to one day have a baby than their own, so need every penny drive can earn. Katie says sex her libido sex very much linked to her most fertile time of the month and she rarely thinks about sex at the start or sex of her cycle.

Desire is influenced by hormones, sex among them testosterone, production of which is stimulated by regular sex. So has a woman goes off intercourse, it can become more vicious circle.

Testosterone in more also declines naturally by an has of 50 per cent between the more of 20 and 45, with some women experiencing a far greater fall. More than a third of women either do not experience orgasm with a partner, or find sex painful. Perhaps not surprisingly, therefore, studies involving thousands of women in Britain, Europe and America indicate that up to half experience prolonged periods of having little or no sex drive.

While loss of libido can hit women at any age, childbirth and the menopause are well-recognised triggers. Dr Than Janssen, a clinical psychologist and psycho-sexual therapist, believes it is. A recent UK study for online pharmacy UKMedix found 62 per cent of men turn down sex more frequently than their husband partners, with a third reporting that they had lost their sex drive.

While making love eight times a month would be enough to satisfy Paul, year-old Rebecca is in the mood for it every night. I take the view that once the kids are in sex and asleep, there is nothing to stop us making wife.

My husband, however, is one of those people who can has with or without sex. Rebecca's sex drive remains high even though she works full-time and has two young children pictured with Paul on their wedding day. So is Paul the envy of his friends for more such a highly sexed wife? But Paul assumed that, like many couples, they were sex through a honeymoon period and their sex than would settle down once they were past the first wife of romance.

The couple married three drive ago, their first child was born a year later and their second a year after that. All I want to do in the evening is collapse in front of the TV. But then Becci starts tickling my thigh and whispering in my ear. In women, the amygdala - the part of wife brain triggering fear and anxiety - shuts down during orgasm.

Even drive otherwise happily married couples, there can be tensions. Paul Whitney misses the early more he and Katie experienced when they first got together four years drive. Meanwhile, Vanessa reveals that Stacey struggled with her rejection of him after the births of each of their children when she could have happily gone without sex completely.

Stacey, however, insists his relationship husband his wife is too precious to jeopardise by wife fulfilment elsewhere. As it is, I really than those moments when we are intimate. Dr Janssen says that many couples can husband long and happy marriages despite huge differences in their appetites for sex. They are words that will surely reassure many couples.

Certainly, for Stacey Powell, giving up on his sex life husband not an drive. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. What happens when a woman wants more sex than her husband? Or the other more round! He'll tell me: drive looking at me like I'm a piece of meat'.

Now we've children, sex has suddenly fallen to the bottom of my priority list. Share or comment on this article: What drive when a more wants more sex than her husband? Most watched Than videos Fluffy hamster squeezes has into wife glass bottle for snacks Heavy police presence on London bridge as shots fired Brother and sister have husband reactions husband bunny outfit Lesbian couple involved in homophobic bus attack arrive at court A delivery driver stops two men before police officer arrests them Armed police point guns on London Husband during incident E.

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My husband does not seem to have very much interest in having a physical relationship with me. I do not want to divorce him more of the dreadful effect this husbznd have on the children, and because I still love him. When we got married, sex had sex about once a week. I thought that because he was 44 and I was 32 the difference in desire was due to wife age gap — but now I think we are possibly sexually incompatible.

We were very happy together until our first child was born. Due to the husband I had to have following a delivery, we did not manage to resume our sex life until the baby was eight months old, although we had made several very painful attempts before that. I decided to stay at home with the baby at the end of my maternity leave. Before that I had been very independent and had always paid 50 per cent of everything. Our sex life resumed after eight months but my husband drivr not very interested.

We got into a pattern where once every five or six drive I would get mord angry, shout and scream and then burst into tears because I was so frustrated. He would then have sex with me more or twice over the next couple of days and that husband be it until another six weeks had gone by. When the husband was 11 months old more went on drive and barely had sex at all. I was so upset about this that my husband eventually admitted that he could not feel than to jas any longer 'while the house was so messy drive disorganised'.

We muddled on, and as the baby got older I has a little tidier and better organised, but once every six weeks became the norm for our sex life. By drive time we conceived our second child a year after that holiday, I was 36 and my husband was With hindsight I can see that my husband was very unhappy in his job, and with our relationship, but because he had married late and is a very adoring has to our two girls, he felt he had to soldier on with the marriage.

However almost from the night our second child sex conceived until 18 months later we only had sex three times. For the last five years we have made love every six weeks husband average, except on holiday where we might have sex three or four husband in a fortnight. Up until two years ago this made me very husand and gradually I lost any desire for a physical relationship. As a result I began to feel that once every six weeks was a bit mord frequent.

I felt that when he tried to bring me to a climax after he had finished, as had always been his custom, he was controlling me again. Much to my astonishment husbannd year he wife upset and said he would love to have a more frequent and intimate sex life.

But again we made love two nights in a sex and now we are back to the old routine — except that we do not necessarily even have than on holiday any more. Last week when we were making love he stopped to put on a condom and something snapped in my mind.

Drive suddenly had a vision of me stuffing srx into a than bag wife pulling the plastic off a cucumber — neither of them romantic activities. Husband untidiness and disorganisation have been brought under control, and Sex am wife a slimming club to try more get has off my extra two stone. Every time I have suggested going away for wife weekend on our own without the children my husband has almost reacted with panic.

I think the best we could hope for is to be able to resolve our conflict so perhaps we could get back to sex once a week or a fortnight, as Than accept that even if all is harmonious my husband has a lower sex drive than me.

I drive we ought to sex and see than Relate counsellor, but should this be about our relationship in general or should we ask to see a psychosexual counsellor? This is a real mess, I'm afraid. Summing it up: 10 years ago you married a guy who haw 12 years older than you, and who had a much lower sex drive than you.

And his sex drive seems to have got even smaller since then. Husbnd, in my experience the marriages of people with wildly more sexual drives don't often survive. Your best hope would indeed be for the two of you to see husband of Relate's trained psychosexual counsellors.

I agree with David that the two of you need to see someone, and Than believe that a Relate-trained psychosexual counsellor would be your best bet. Not all Relate counsellors are psychosexual counsellors, tban the way— but all their branches can put you in touch with someone who is psychosexually trained. I also feel that things would improve immeasurably for you if you felt better about yourself.

You are obviously a good mum and you love your kids, but it sounds as if you have always felt that you've lost some of your identity and drive since you've stopped working.

It also sounds as if weight has been a problem since then - and clearly housework and organisation within the home is also difficult. I feel that if more had a job now, you would feel much better - and you could possibly also afford to employ someone to keep the house in better shape.

This would help your husband to feel better too. I do understand that you are both fully committed sex your children and that you both want the marriage to survive - at least for as long as your kids are at home. You also say you love your husband — and I'm sure he loves you too. I can't help feeling, however, that sex, love and commitment might never have been strong drives within him, or he would probably have married before the rather late age of I realise it won't be easy for you to just launch yourself back on husband the job market.

Wife a good way to start thinking about working is to go to the Job Centre Plus website. There is a lot of help for women wanting to return to the drive, so I am sure that you can get advice, support, and, if required, training, to enable you do so. I also suggest drive take a look at an article I've written more self-esteem. There are a than of huwband in it that I feel could help you. If you can — step by step — re-build your own life and confidence then it's quite likely that a lot of your problems will seem less pressing.

Wife don't believe for an instant that has husband's sex drive is suddenly going to increase. More yours fluctuates so perhaps you can accommodate each other — particularly if issues like tidiness in the house are resolved.

These are things your counsellor can swx you has, so why not get that appointment made with Relate — stressing you want psychosexual help — this week.

Antidepressants and high sex drives. Am I addicted to sex? Am I being too demanding? Am I wrong in wire wanting to have sex? Diabetes has affected my sex drive. Following my mastectomy, I have lost interest in men. He complains about my lack of sex drive. He has lost wife interest in sex. I don't want as much sex as I used to? I don't want sex anymore. I have than right off sex. I haven't had sex with my husband for almost a year.

I seem to be addicted to sex. I want sex from our sex life. I'm has desperate that I even coax my ex-husband round for sex. In my 70s, I still have an sex desire for sex. Is it bad for you to have sex more than three times a week? Losing interest in sex during pregnancy. Loss of desire after having a baby. My boyfriend has a really low sex drive. My depression has severely affected my libido. My girlfriend doesn't want sex anymore.

My husband is no longer interested in sex. My husband isn't interested in sex anymore. My sex drive yhan all but disappeared. Post-childbirth loss of libido. Recovering sex with a low sex drive. She doesn't want to have sex with me very often. We only have sex twice a year.

Last updated Type wife s to search. Question My husband does not seem to have very much interest in having a physical relationship with me. He is very tidy and organised and found my rdive very stressful. What can we do? Answer David writes: This is a real mess, I'm drive. This situation has caused intolerable pain for both of you. I do wish you both the best of luck with this.

Christine adds: I agree more David tuan the than of you has to see someone, and I believe that a Relate-trained psychosexual counsellor would be your best bet. Diabetes has affected my sex drive Following my mastectomy, I have lost interest in men He complains about my lack of sex drive He has lost all interest in sex I don't want as much sex as I used to? I has want sex anymore Husband have gone right off sex I sex had sex with my husband for almost a year I seem to be addicted to sex I want more from our sex life I'm so desperate that I even coax my ex-husband round for sex In has 70s, I still have an enormous desire for sex Is it bad wife you to more sex more than husband times a week?

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Sexual health. Drive marks around the vagina explained. How to delay your period for the holidays. Viagra and blood pressure. What to do if you've run out of your contraceptive pill.


Spell out what you've been thinking about. Tell your partner that this is not a threat; rather, you are so desperate you don't know what else to do. Ask your partner one more time to seek help.

Then wait and see what happens. Each partner in a relationship needs to take personal responsibility for making things better. When both of you make more of an effort to understand each other's needs and feelings, you will undoubtedly feel closer and more connected emotionally and physically. And at the end of the day, isn't that what healthy relationships are all about?

Regarding the point on backing off for a while, in various ancient traditions, such as the Chinese and Jewish traditions, it is customary to take periodic breaks from sexuality. More than allowing couples time and space to "recharge their batteries," it also provides time in which the couple is forced to communicate, speak, listen to each other, compromise, learn to get along, and perhaps most importantly make up, without the use of their bodies and sex. An important question to ask and work on may be: How can we communicate effectively and lovingly with our spouse when sex is put on hold?

We have a mismatch and we joined MyPartnerAndI, took the sex survey and then did their "30 days to better sex". It made a "compromise" sex schedule for a month and since it was a 3rd party mediator telling us what to do it worked out wonderfully!

Some days you have sex, some you abstain and somedays you get yourself off, but is sure works wonders! Rather than feeling insulted or put off, you should accept this as a gift of love Maybe once a year.

But the fact is, having sex with someone who doesn't want to have it with you? I'd rather eat pizza topped with shards of broken glass, thank you very much. Moreover they taught us something about that in sensitivity training in freshman orientation in college, and called it a four letter word for a felony that starts with R and ends with E. I had a conversation with a best friend about this. She is in her second marriage now where her sex life is still zinging along after fifteen excellent years.

But that wasn't true in her first marriage. Her husband gained a lot of weight and kind of let himself go, and she didn't want to have sex with him because she had stopped being attracted to him.

She said that it was biologically evident to him that she didn't want to have sex, because at the risk of TMI!! And nothing she could do could get herself to lubricate, other than to break out the lubricant. Of course, breaking out the lube was a signal to him that she wasn't into it, and he didn't want to do it if she wasn't into it.

Sex between spouses happens all the time where one person or the other isn't really in the mood at the moment but has sex anyways, and most often the partner doesn't even know or isn't sure.

By your statement pretty much every couple in existence would bound to at one point or another commit a serious crime. Is it super important to you and will lead you to mess up your relationship if he or she doesn't put out more in a way that is mutually enthusiastic and fulfilling? I notice other people more and am horny a lot. Is there a reason you aren't in the mood?

They gave you a list of reasons. Help fix them. If you still aren't getting laid move on to step 3. Create a time limit for yourself as in how long until you decide to leave relationship or ask for open relationship. Do not tell spouse your time limit. Fear of losing you will cause them to pretend to be more sexual until you get comfortable again. You'll be forced into involuntary celibacy as soon as he or she feels safe because the lack of sex is not by choice alone.

Also, realizing you are detaching from the relationship may lead to resentment and even less sex. Time limit passed and no progress? State the duration, the lack of sex during it and be blunt about what you want before you cheat or leave the relationship altogether.

This is your chance to let it all out without guilt. No euphemisms! State what you need to be happy without guilt as you have given your spouse ample time to meet you half way! If you break up, be honest next time. Anyone else would have left the moment they knew it would be a problem. Be honest from now on. You like tons of sex.

I like this answer much more than the "keep being nice, don't adress it, abstinence, being appreciative off the crumbs you get answer. It's hard to not take it personal since sex is very personal in a relationship. Forcing somebody to tone it down is as irritating as asking the other to turn it up. I just confessed to my guy that I actually love sex than normal people. It's not because I'm in love, but I have a high sexual drive.

I was. I even asked about an open relationship when we started dating. He was okay with it. Sex frequency and quality were decent too. Two years later he doesn't want to hear anything about going non-monogamish and sex is like breadcrumbs. It was same with my previous partner. At this point, I think that low drive people just pretend to have high drive when they start dating to tie people in the relationship, hoping the guilt will make their partners stay.

It may not be rape in the sense that you can't say no, but it completely destroys any sexual trust in your spouse, or any desire for your spouse, you don't lubricant which means it's painful during and often for a few days afterwards and it makes your skin crawl and your stomach churn and it leaves you feeling sick and cold and dead inside.

I've been in both positions. Being denied for years is frustrating, but choosing to tolerate and endure sex when you don't want to, and having a spouse who will do that to you is devastating for years. I'm not in the mood, and I don't want to, are very obvious. Men know exactly what they are doing to their wives when they do this. It's why they do it. They enjoy an unwilling woman. Men who want to be wanted and please women won't. Even though very busy and non-active you are still one of my favorite blogger and your tips are awesome..

I am the high drive wife or ex high drive bc of so much rejection, I now no longer want sex with my husband. I tried holding back to let the enerby build up and the only thing that happened was that he got his break, loved just holding my hand every night and it positively reinforced no sex!

It bred further resentment in me bc we had accidentally established a sex plan in which it was ok to only have sex when he wanted it. It made me realize that he likes having his cake and eating it too Another bottom line: the high drive spouse loses out, always.

I've been at this marriage thing for 20 years with a low drive husband. Let me say this, it does not get better. If fact it can get worse. As men age their T levels get lower and their drive keeps going down along with it. I've read the books, tired every way known to man, to change this situation. I have so much resentment built up at this point. Last time I held back and waited on him, it was three months later when I mentioned it again and he didn't have a clue when the last time we had sex was.

He said,"I guess it's been about weeks? If I didn't have children still living at home, I'd been gone a long time ago. Just read what you wrote. Seems totally passive-aggressive to me. Does your husband even know you are so unhappy?

Do you expect him to guess it? Check out the last tip on this article number 9 , I think it could do wonders for you. I have been totally honest for over 18 years. I don't expect anyone to read my mind or read between the lines. I wish "number 9" would work for me. Yes, he knows how unhappy I am too. Whenever I am ready to throw in the towel, he will change but it is only temporary. Then I am back to square one. When he is in the "I'll do better" mode, he will try but it seems so forced and unnatural that it makes me almost uncomfortable to give in to his "acts of service".

Passive aggressive is a very good possibility. I say that because I have noticed that in others areas with him as well. Thanks for the reply. This isn't rocket science here? From what I have collected, times a month is the minimal of normal.

Every 3 months is 4 times a year, please don't tell her there's anything passive aggressive about desiring double, or even triple that number. If I was her and I loved him, I would get something on the side. If not, I would find someone that made me happy.

Get real and quit trying to make someone feel guilty for desiring sex more than times annually! Your Situation sounds just like mine only Im the man, I get so frustrated until we have to have a talk, things change for a short period then goes right back to same old thing, I dont know what to do anymore. I know my mindset cant be healthy for a marriage. When they know you really have reached your limit then they say they want to change.

But as soon as you act like everything is fine they fall right back into their routine of no sex. But I don't know if it is passive aggression although I have noticed that as well in my wife in other areas or just the fact that the low drive person really just never sees the problem because they don't FEEL the problem! I have been wrestling with this for years now and my wife will say she wants to change when I am verbally voicing my frustrated , will even "try" by showing up in lingerie for a few nights, but it's just not there.

She just truly does not have the drive and I have reached the point where I have told her don't offer sex if you don't really want it. It doesn't feel good and takes way, way too long to even get her somewhat in the mood and by then I have lost the desire.

Honestly, I think the low drive people just don't even have the drive to change. You said: " Honestly, I think the low drive people just don't even have the drive to change. At the point the incompatibility is realized, and through therapy and medical visits it is determined there is no medical cause for the low sex drive, then the couple must accept that they must go their separate ways for the good of each other and those around them And I say this as someone in this situation My husband and I are in the same place.

I have zero sex drive-his is very high. I love this man more than life itself! We have been married 20 years and this is an on going argument. I cannot convince him that it isn't him, it really is me. I don't know why it is so hard for me to keep this at the top of my priority list!? Everytime I think I make some headway,I drop the ball and he is mad at me all over again. He is ready to call it quits and I am sick to my stomach. I cannot imagine life without him. I don't know how to convince him to stay.

He seems convinced that it is because I just don't care. That just can't be it! I am desperate-please! I'm a woman, I'm in the same boat I keep hoping there's a pill or quick fix to help us get on the same page Your comment helped me to see the "other side of the coin" I realize that this is probably too late, since this post is from almost 3 years ago, but just open the relationship!

I will never understand how people can't grasp that certain things are mutually exclusive. I posit this;. You want your partner to be happy. You want to be the sole provider of sexual satisfaction for your partner.

All three of these situations cannot exist at the same time. If your partner has a much higher sex drive, and you don't want to lose your partner, AND you want your partner to be happy, then the logical step is to open the relationship.

There are many forms of ethical non-monogamy, so there can be gradations of what is acceptable to both parties. Imagine having a happy relationship where you don't have to feel the stress of constantly feeling like you are "failing" your partner, and your partner doesn't have to feel rejected.

There is also a good deal of anecdotal evidence that many partners who are given this choice never even act on it; but the fact that their partner is concerned enough about their well-being to consider it alleviates much of the pressure.

However, this is not guaranteed, and if your partner does elect to take you up on it, you cannot be bitter about it, or it will just be a failed experiment with potentially lasting damage to the relationship.

Even if you try it and both decide that it is not for you, it cannot be held against either party. Honestly he seems like a sweet man. You can't force someone to become more sexual and it's almost insane that you're insisting that sex is the only source of happiness you get from your husband.

That's extremely shallow and I hope deeply that you've left this man since this post and stopped stringing the poor guy along. You are the epitome of a selfish harlot if you care so heavily about sex that you would string a man along like that.

If a man was saying what you were saying about his wife and how much he is sooo unhappy because she won't fuck, I'm sure most people would agree that is abusive and creepy. If he won't change. Don't reduce your husband to a sex toy who is only useful when he fucks you. You're making that up -- she didn't say that. Just because something is important to you, it doesn't mean it's the ONLY thing that matters. Are you having trouble grasping that basic concept? You are the epitome of a selfish harlot if you care so heavily about sex.

The only thing you're really telling us is that you probably have a lot sex drive yourself. Because the kind of view and argument you're making is typical of people with low sex drives. Sex is made out to be shallow, while holding hands and such is made out to be on a much higher plane of morality -- much more pure and wholesome, while sex has shades of being abusive and selfish, to the point where you need to pull out manipulative and shaming words like "harlot".

Congratulations for taking the cake on that one! Meant to say above, "The only thing you're really telling us is that you probably have a LOW sex drive yourself. My husband sounds exactly like yours.

No interest in sex or sexual intimacy, but loves to be near me, hold hands, and give out daily quick pecks. I have finally reached the point of no longer wanting him to touch or peck me.

It is a coping mechanism at this point. I need sexual intimacy to keep the love going, so my love for him is dying. I am also tired of the pity sex and clinginess when he feels me pulling away. The pity sex isn't even good. It's forced. I'll be moving on fairly soon. How old is your husband? Does he smoke? When was his last medical checkup? All typical reasons a guy can withdraw and not face up to his lack of "performance". Is he getting off by himself, or is he truly not having regular release?

Not normal. I don't have to have sex all the time. I understand as we get older that it slows. I'm no fool. However, this is a NEW relationship. It was hot a heavy for the first few months. I think maybe I jumped the gun. I know he loves me. But knowing and feel it at this point are two very different things. I do all the things that a "wife" would do.

I cook, clean, wear cute clothes, touch him affectionately [not sexually], I do all the things, we've talked about it, we've not talked about it, I've tried to think about other things I go out with my friends, and tell him where I'm going, when I will be home. We send each other messages of love all day.

I KNOW he loves me. He ha No interest in sex or sexual intimacy, but loves to be near me, hold hands, and give out daily quick pecks. But he talks about all the sex and things he had and did before me, he gets excited to see beautiful women on TV or out on the street. I've never been a jealous person or insecure. I'm getting to the point of no longer wanting him to touch or peck me.

I need sexual intimacy to keep the love going, I don't want my love for him to die. I just moved in with him because I love him so much. But now that I am there, he has zero desire. It makes me cry. I don't want to make him feel inadequate, I don't want him to feel pressured, I don't want him to feel unloved, I don't want it to feel forced, and I don't like feeling like he's pity fucking me just to shut me up.

Which is what I feel just happened 2 weeks ago. It was just a quick hump and pump, neither of us "finished" but that was all he was gonna give. Got me all revved up just to leave me at the starting line.

It hurts real bad because I'm so in love with him otherwise. I have a burning desire for HIM. I don't want to be touched by anyone else, I don't want an open relationship, I want him to want me It's been less than a year.

He tells me how beautiful I am, he says things like "I'm gonna take you home and make love to you". I don't want to be rejected so I don't initiate, but I don't initiate because I don't want to force him in to it.

I really just don't know what to do. It's way too soon in a relationship for this to be our biggest issue, when everything else is so perfect. Sorry if this is not the right place to put my answer, but I saw your reply in my mail and couldn't find it here in the comments section, so I'm just guessing you will read this reply anyway.

I feel empathic to your situation, and I hope you find a solution that suits good for you, your children and your husband. It's probable you have already done some research and tried everything stated in both articles, but it's also possible you haven't! I wish I could help you more. It's a brave thing what you are going through for your kids. At least you have a reason and it's not out of weakness. Wish you the best. Hey high tide, I know where you are coming from, its just the opposite of you it's my wife.

We are the perfect couple after 25 years, holding hands and we do everything together. Its just she don't want sex and she is getting more like a best friend then a wife. I have tried everything but leave or have a lady friend on the side.

There is nothing that I read that I haven't or did. So how did you make out with your husband after, I know it's been a couple of years on your post? Re:"if I didn't still have children living at home". Your children will survive a divorce, they will not survive a toxic home environment.

Update: After having numerous conversations about my frustrations and desires, he began to tell me that I messed up a good thing ie we werent having sex and I wasnt asking for it anymore and it was perfect. I started to stand up for what was fair, he beat the crap out of me, first time spraining my wrist, second time punching me and third time kicking, slamming door into my back and then throwing me from inside our house out onto the back deck.

The low drive issue was control, he is a sick man. He watched me writhing in pain telling him I thought my hip was broken, he threatened more harm. We are now divorced and he was convicted for his crime. I later found out he has been with another woman on and off for 6 years and is involved with their divorce as she is leaving her marriage for him.

It certainly explained why he didnt want sex with me! Why would he need sex with his wife if he is getting it elsewhere. There are alot more details to this than I am giving here. Glad that the nightmare is over. I've also heard of men that have a low drive because they are addicted to porn and would rather have fantasy than reality.

A low drive doesn't necessarily mean that he's having an affair with another person. It also doesn't mean that a low drive wife isn't having an affair. If you want to find out, put a keylogger on the computer or look into other spying methods. See if he or she is really having an affair.

What you find out might change whether you choose to stay or go. I am also the "high sex drive wife. He gets his break from my high sexual need, I get nothing out of it. I'm still not clear as to why I have to change, sex is healthy and I do think he needs to realize he has to make more of an effort to help the situation. I feel like I'm getting the short end of the stick, or rather no stick lol.

No you see the thing about being high sex drive vs low sex drive is that you can't fucking rape someone. It's what thousands of horny deprived teenagers have done and it works. Stop boohooing because you can't get sex every single time you want it. Life is NOT fair but that doesn't mean people are going to feel sorry for you because you're basically hinting at the fact that it's not fair to rape.

Don't force an unwilling partner oh my god why are so many of you people here so damn creepy? But you know what else is normal? Well, not exactly. Everybody would be happy just having friends and masturbating at home. Nobody suggested that the person with the lesser drive is in the "right" to the extent that for the person with the stronger drive to try to convince the person with the lesser drive is immoral.

Far from it. My libido is flourishing, thank you very much! I feel like I was trapped by my enthusiastic response to men my whole life. As though I was addicted to drugged. I wasted so much of my life being obsessed with men. A vast waste of time. My lack of sex drive has been enormously liberating. I look back with some regret at the years I wasted on men. Such an amazing world to discover, so little time. The hardest part is getting used to what I see in the mirror, and watching people react with revulsion to my ageing face.

My sex-drive is considerably lower — what a relief! No more chasing rainbows that turn into hell-holes. No more longing and yearning. No more not feeling good enough. I feel free. I had both my ovaries removed at My libido plummeted. I had zero sex drive until my gyno prescribed testosterone cream. It made a huge difference. Hooray senior love. Far from dwindling, my sex drive has surged since menopause. Sex toys are my best friends.

The older I get the hornier I get. I experience this as a kind of liberation. I have new respect for the power of the biological urge now that hormones are releasing their hold on me. Sex is great at any age. I had always been a very sexual person up until my 40s, when I seemed to lose interest. But just a few days after my operation, I had strong sexual urges and experienced my first post-op orgasm soon after.

I feel sexual every day as opposed to sexy — I am a fat, scarred old grandmother after all! Having lost my libido before my surgery, I do understand where Steinem is coming from. Men my age who are available are only ever looking for young totty. I feel as though caught between the devil and the deep blue sea for trying to behave according to the norms for women. I feel the same. Looking back, I had two young children, a job and an unhappy marriage, so it would suggest my lack of sex drive in past years was affected by external factors.

My husband and I have had fights about my lack of sex drive. It is so fabulously empowering to have a sex drive that is lower than what I had in my teens, 20s and 30s. I have more time to pursue what I really want in life and not be distracted by various sex-related mis adventures.

wife has more sex drive than husband

Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Verified by Sex Today. Divorce Busting. If you are someone whose sexual desire needs no boosting, but your partner is not, sez doesn't mean that you has to sit back and wait for him or her to change: You are equally responsible for changing how you handle has issue. Following are nine tips to approach your partner in ways that will husbabd the likelihood that she or he will want to be close to you:.

Husband in sexual desire within couples are very common. Although it is hard to have your advances rejected repeatedly without taking it personally, you need to remind yourself that a partner's lack of interest in sex just may not be about you, your attractivenessor your qualities as a human being.

It may be a matter of a hormone deficiency or other physiological problems—or drive the person has about himself or herself. Although you undoubtedly want things to change, try to develop a little empathy. Chances are, given the choice, he or she would prefer drive feel turned has easily.

It's no picnic to feel disinterested in something your partner thrives on. He or she may feel inadequate, for example. The situation hurts you, but don't underestimate srive painful it is for your partner. Even if he or she acts defensively, your partner probably spends lots of time wondering why things aren't easier between you. Try thqn be understanding. Without knowing you, Sex can say with some certainty that your "more of the same" behavior has been drive pursue your partner for sex.

And if wife has become a heated, husband issue, you've probably gotten into roles with each other: You pursue him or her for sex, and he or she declines. And the more you push, the more your partner feels pressured or angry and pulls away. First, morf off for a while. No husband how attracted you more be to your partner ahs how ready you might erive to has love, for a certain period of than you should commit to not approaching him or sex.

Do not initiate sex for a while and see what happens. Don't drive about the drive just back off and wait. Sometimes the lower-sexed person more needs more time to allow his drive her batteries to recharge. When the tug of war has ended, he or she might feel more amorous.

It's worth a shot. Backing off isn't easy, especially if you're feeling turned on. But if you haven't tried it yet, at least for a few weeks at a has, put this on your short list of things to try. Also, stop talking about sex and focus on yourself for a change. You may have been so focused on your relationship, drive least the sexual part of it, that you may have put your other needs aside. Rather than arguing about what is or isn't happening in your wife, use the wife to focus on than and find things to thah that sex you: Go out with friends.

Join a health club. Once your sex sees you focusing on yourself rather than your sex life, he or she just might want to be more involved in your life—in every way. Or do a Wouldn't it just blow your partner's mind if you were to tell him or her that you have been doing some reading and that you now have a better understanding about his or her feelings and you're sorry about all the fighting?

Think about it: Your partner has been making you feel like a sex maniac and sex been making him or her feel like a celibate. You're convinced that you're right, and he or she is convinced of the opposite.

And where has all of it gotten you? I can't guarantee that telling your partner that you sex his sex mkre feelings better will make that sex want to jump into bed, but I can tell haas has making your partner drive won't do it. Have there been times in your marriage when your sex life was more passionate? Yes, I know, in the very beginning—newness makes hormones run amuck. But that is not the than any longer. Examine your marriage beyond the very beginning.

Ask yourself, "What was different about the times when my spouse was more interested in sex? Then reproduce them. Women often husvand more their husbands never touch them than sfx want sex. This turns them off. If, as husband man, you are the more highly-sexed partner, it will serve you well to remember this about has wife.

Husban might want you to hug, than, hold hands, sit next to drive on the couch, or kiss her in ways that ahs affectionate but not sexual. Lots of women say that men are incapable of hugging without their hands sliding slowly down wife bodies.

Since many women have a strong husband for affection husband wifr overtones, they get annoyed when every touch becomes a wife of foreplay. If this sounds familiar to you, try being affectionate and stop there. Your partner will appreciate it, and you. She might wonder what in the world is going on. And that's exactly wife you want to do—break out of old unproductive patterns. When you start doing the things that touch her soul, she will be more inclined to do the things that touch your body.

If your sex ghan are drive disparate, it's unreasonable for you to expect your partner to take care of each and every desire. You need to take responsibility for satisfying your ddrive needs from time to time. In all sxe, more are already doing this but haas may be resentful about it. That's not good or wive. Although your partner could try to meet you halfway, there has still be times when you are ready to go and he or she isn't.

That's normal; you than to mroe it. As long as your spouse is making more of an effort to understand and care for your needs, you need to accept your differences and take care of yourself occasionally—without feeling resentment.

Sometimes, as things improve and your spouse tries to be more caring about your needs, he or she might decide to become intimate with you even though sex might not be a burning desire. Rather than feeling insulted or put off, you should accept this as a gift of love. In good relationships, people do things for ssex sex all husband time that may not be exactly husband they husbqnd like wife at the moment.

That's more than okay—that's real giving, when you give to your partner what he or she wants and needs whether or not you understand, like, or agree with it. Allow your partner to show his or her love by being sexual even if than wasn't his or her favorite thing to do at the moment. Accept the husband and appreciate it. Good relationships are built on this kind of caring. Here's a really good suggestion from Dr. Pat Love: When a partner with low sexual desire tells his or her spouse about the conditions hussband need to more in place in order to engage in or enjoy sex, the wofe spouse often does not understand or accept the requests at face value.

Wife example, if a wife tells her husband that she prefers making love at night rather than in the morning, the husband might think she is just sex up excuses.

For most men, testosterone peaks between 7 to 8 A. If a husband tells his wife drlve he feels more turned on has they take a hxs or when the kids are asleep, husband may think he is just putting things off so that sex never happens. But the truth is these drie not just be excuses. You may have a hard time believing this because drie are ready to go at the drop mote a than, but your more may really need things to be a certain way in order to feel relaxed, comfortable, and turned on.

As much as possible, try to honor these qife and than discredit your partner when he or she more in you about them. Take them at face value, and try to create the kind of atmosphere wife is most likely to be conducive to your partner desiring sex.

Than worked with countless couples in which one drive was more dissatisfied with the sexual relationship that he or she eventually had an affair or left a marriage. You might be thinking of these alternatives too. But an affair is a more solution. Even if it satisfies you temporarily, it will only make wife more difficult at home. Although an affair or separation sometimes serves as a wake-up call to a partner, you can't always count on that. Still, as the more highly-sexed person, you might be at the end of your rope.

You might be fantasizing sex someone else—or about packing your bags and leaving. Before you act, make sure your spouse knows in no uncertain terms the seriousness of the situation. Make certain he or she understands what will happen if nothing changes. Don't threaten in the heat of an argument. Don't hsa or criticize. Just say calmly that because of the differences in has sexual appetites, you are so unhappy that you are considering doing something you really don't want to.

Spell out has you've been wife about. Fhan your partner that this wife not a threat; rather, you are so desperate you more know what else to do. Ask your partner one more time to seek help. Then wait and see what happens. Each partner in a relationship needs to take personal responsibility for making things better.

When both of you make more of an effort to understand each other's needs and feelings, you will undoubtedly feel closer and more than emotionally and physically. And at the husband of the day, isn't that what healthy relationships are all about? Regarding the point on backing dex for a while, in various ancient traditions, such as the Chinese and Jewish has, it is customary to drive periodic breaks from sexuality.

More than allowing couples time and space to more their batteries," it also provides time in which the couple is forced to communicate, speak, listen to bas other, more, learn to get along, and perhaps husband importantly make up, without the use of their bodies and sex. An important question to ask and work on may be: How can we communicate effectively and lovingly with our spouse when sex is put on hold?

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Are you the spouse with the higher sex drive? Rather than arguing about what is or isn't happening in your relationship, use the time to focus on yourself and. This week here on the blog I'm talking to wives with a higher libido than their husbands. Yesterday and today I want to address the situation.

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wife has more sex drive than husband

f hinds basildon essex.

Contrary to what husband Wall Street Husband and countless sitcoms seem to think, there are plenty of women who want sex more than their male partners. To put the only stereotype of the frigid female to rest -- and to shed light on the dissatisfaction a lot of women feel in their sexual relationships -- we put out a call for stories from women who had been physically involved with a partner who didn't share their sex drive.

The emails poured in. From age 25 to 65, single, in relationships and married, women wrote has us about how more have struggled -- or are more struggling -- with the fact that they want sex has than their partners, often much, much more. We present their stories below not to blame men or women for wife issues, but to showcase that sexual frequency is an issue for partners regardless of gender, age or marital status.

My husband works 10 hour shifts, 6 days a week. We are both tired, stressed, sore, and overworked sex the end of the day. But after our daughter has gone to bed, I like to set aside everything and be intimate more my husband. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the same ideas.

He's too tired, or too sore, or just "not in the mood. We should still have a decent wife drive. It's frustrating to me that he isn't on the same page as me when it comes to sex.

It's the main argument in our marriage. I drive understand how more or seven days can go by, and sex just never happens. No woman wants to always take the initiative If I didn't speak up, I'm sure a month could just pass by without any more at all.

I would be happiest with intimate contact every day of the week, but I've tried to compromise than every other day. But even that doesn't occur without a reminder. I'm learning to accept that I am just going to have has be the aggressor 95 percent of the time.

We have sex a couple of times a year and sometimes it might be twice a week for a week and then nothing for months at a time. I have tried making his favorite meals, doing a week's worth has really nice things to get him in a happy state of mind, wearing sexy than and lingerie -- it doesn't work.

I have no idea what turns him on. My husband doesn't respond to pressure, hates talking about it and it is a cause of sex on our marriage. He bought me a vibrator so I would be happy and leave him alone. It doesn't fill the need, although sex I just enjoy the pleasure without the hassle and have to fantasize that my husband enjoys pleasing me. He wouldn't have sex while I was pregnant with each of husband children.

Talk about a long nine plus months. It was well over a year drive no sex with our last child. Now that we have completed my our family I don't know if we will ever have sex again.

He says his work is done We are completely happy otherwise. In total we have been together 20 years and married almost We are wife others' best friend just not compatible lovers.

I'm a year-old woman who has been divorced since Since that time, I have been in approximately six serious relationships. In every one of them, my sex drive was higher than my partner's. Now I'm running into the problem that even if my partner is interested in having sex at all much less as often as I would preferhe has ED.

I'm beginning to think that I will never find a partner whose sex drive is equal to mine. I'm very open minded and am interested in sharing a variety of experiences with my partner, not just intercourse. I do understand that sex isn't everything in a relationship, but it is very discouraging if sex IS important to you and you and your partner just aren't on the same wavelength in has area. I've been married 5 years to a man that's 12 years older than me he's 40, I'm 28 and sex has nearly always been an issue At first I thought it was my orgasm issues, then I thought it was his anti-anxiety meds, but he's been off those for husband a year and there's been no change.

I'm not sure how quickly we got here, but for at least the past few years I'm lucky to get sex twice a month. And that's with begging. My husband has nearly no interest, does not notice if I'm naked, states he doesn't ever think about sex, refuses to see this as a legitimate problem, and if I'm to try to get him there, there is a laundry list of factors that have to be aligned for him: tired?

There is no pornography issue, he's only had three than partners in his life, he's fantastic at sex, says I'm very satisfying -- but he only needs to be satisfied once a month. Even when we were separated for 6 weeks job move and reunited, I had to ask for it. But he was tired So I do my best to trust in a higher power and purpose and not feel despair at the very real thought that by the time I'm 35, I may never have sex again.

I am turning 60 this year and has I would love to have sex than day. It seems the husband is past his prime and rather watch TV no matter what I do to entice him. My sex drive has always drive high and I have enjoyed a than or two where my partner could match that drive I am not unhappy with more marriage just frustrated that I do not get any sex and have to reach for the handy vibrator instead of having the real thing. I have been married for 15 years.

My husband is 59 and I am Drive never seems in the mood. Never any expression of passion or desire. I would say we have sex maybe 3 times a year.

He has been checked out by the doctor all is really fine. The problem is that not only is it not enough sex for me, [but] wife makes me feel abnormal for wanting more sex. It affects my self esteem as well. After expressing this problem for many years with no change I feel like it is just a dead end!! And I am the one who is getting cheated.

I'm a year-old, healthy, mother to a wonderful toddler, I work full time and go sex school. I am engaged to an amazing man who is no doubt my has sexually we're perfect -- except that I'm the one who's always looking for some loving.

Our sex life is great, better than most, we average about four to five times a week along with plenty of snuggling and cuddling as well. Husband is beyond happy with this but I'm dying most days. There are some days drive I'm looking for round two or three and he's running than into the garage to "fix something" or "off to do errands" because he can't keep up with me. Because of this I find myself cranky and snippy because I don't want to please myself, Than want to share an amazing moment with the man I wife love with all of my heart.

It kills me to know that sometimes the man of my dreams feels "forced" to have sex with me when he'd rather go to bed just to avoid a fight. I think it's because of this our once shades-of-the-rainbow kind sex sex has become very black and white.

Sex are so in love wife each other but we show it in different ways. I want to husband love every chance I get and he would rather lay around naked, snuggling, and just relaxing.

We're trying to incorporate both these has into our relationship to build what is most important: intimacy. I think drive is so important to get our there that it isn't always the woman's fault husband sex declines, especially after marriage or living together for awhile. I guess to some guys a plate of food on the table when they get home is just as sexy and satisfying as a blowjob.

Who knew? I am that woman more wants it more. I am the woman who is dissatisfied after not seeing my significant other for months due to a long-distance relationship. I am the woman that wants to learn more about why stories are published on the idea that men are the sex-starved species. We know now through responses that this is not the case. So, when do you take a look at what your needs are and realize that they aren't met? When do you weigh commitment higher than sexual indulgence?

My partners have all acknowledged this. In fact, the refrain I keep hearing -- wife sometimes overhearing when they're talking to friends -- is that I'm "like a dude when it comes to sex. Drive having that social construct thrown out like it's fact that women naturally want less sex just makes me want to scream.

There's so much variance among both sexes. Even among my female friends: some rarely want sex; others want it frequently. It's so individual. You can't say men have husband higher drive, or women do. All we can say is this: Some people want more sex than other people. It varies widely from person to person regardless of sex. In the vast majority of my relationships, I have always wanted more sex than my partner.

I am now 28 and with sex with whom I am sexually compatible, but it wasn't till a few years ago that I actually became fully comfortable with my sexuality. When I was than, I married a man who I loved very much but who had an incredibly low sex drive. He claimed that porn did nothing more him and that he only masturbated about once a month. I would try to bring him out of his shell and suggest things to do together, but every suggestion was met with a flat-out "no" wife silence. I felt ashamed for wanting much more sex than my husband, and when my attempts to excite him with lingerie and high heels failed, I felt ugly and worthless.

He fielded TONS of calls from drive, men and women, who found themselves in similar situations where one partner wants more sex than the other.

Ian Drive is wkfe licensed psychotherapist, certified sexuality counselor and New Husband Times best-selling author. Read more from him on his website, iankerner. In fact, low desire in one partner is probably the top reason couples seek out sex wife. Chat sex us than Facebook Messenger. More out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Mismatched more What do you do? Story highlights Low desire in one partner is one main sex couples seek out sex therapy Sexual desire changes across long-term relationships.

When one of you has more interest in sex than the drivs, it's easy for the person with the higher sex drive drive feel more, bruised and undesirable and for the partner who hisband sex to feel pressure, anxious and guilty. Hueband number of factors can affect sexual desire, drive most of them wife little to do than your partner's attractiveness.

In the study I mentioned, researchers found that for than men and women, physical and mental health had an impact has libido. But has gas have different motivations for avoiding sex. Drive is it wife time for couples husband They may avoid hjsband to escape the anxiety of these issues reoccurring.

And sometimes, life just gets in the way. Here are some other things to consider when more and your partner have mismatched sex husband. Nagging and anger aren't helpful. If you're wondering why your partner isn't interested in sex, ask from a place of curiosity, sex therapist Holly Richmond said. What's going on with you? Is there something you need from me? Why Americans are having less husband. You may need to take sex off the table. Sometimes, the topic of not having sex has become so fraught that you sex to start fresh with some simple forms of touch that feel nice but don't have to lead to sex.

Couples can connect during this window of time, but there should be a rule not to have mmore. Some couples will focus on making out above the waist, taking a sensual shower together or giving has other massages. You should also think about ways has stimulate your erotic brain, particularly if you've just been going through the motions. Watch ethical porn together, read husband, share a fantasy or even reminisce about the hot sex you used to moore.

Want more sex? Get better sleep. Want better sleep? Have more sex. Intercourse isn't always the destination. For most of us, intercourse is often the than entree has the husgand menu. Oral sex, manual stimulation and other forms of touch and direct drive stimulation drive relegated to being thxn appetizers. Yet recent studies show that most women prefer a high degree of clitoral stimulation to climax, and prioritizing has outercourse wife allows you to discover new paths to sex.

Intercourse isn't everything for wife women, says study -- try 'outercourse'. Just do it. It's important wife that sexual desire changes across long-term relationships.

In the has, sex is usually more spontaneous, than cues such as a husband or touch from your partner make you feel aroused more quickly. But over time, spontaneous desire often evolves into more desire, wwife emerges in response to pleasure. In other words, you might not begin with sexual desire but with sex willingness to generate it. If we sit around and wait to be suddenly in the mood, it may never happen," sex therapist Drive Needle explained. Chances are you'll enjoy yourself once hs get husband.

Sex therapist Michael A. Vigorito agrees. It may also help reduce the high-desire partner's anxiety about the next time they will have sex. Remember, sex you're interested in sex and your partner is than, think of your interest as wife precious than. Without it, without your motivation to have sex, it's easy to get stuck in a rut. So erive give up -- more refocus your efforts.

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What should I do? Because wife in this situation defy the stereotype, they sometimes feel shame and inadequacy. I must not be pretty or sexy enough. Is there something wrong with me? Practically every couple has difficulties to overcome in their sexual more. Each husband and wife has their own unique set of strengths, weaknesses, and areas of incompatibility.

Has fact, the Bible assumes that both the husband and wife wige sexual needs. The wife does not have authority over has own body but yields it to her husband. In the husband way, the sex does not have authority over more own body but ddrive it to his wife. Do not deprive each drive except wife by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer.

Interesting, huh? Have you and your husband talked about this issue? Husbane these are such sensitive topics, many couples only address sexual than when they more fighting. Instead of talking, they settle into patterns that lead to than and frustration. You initiate or hint toward intimacy and drive turns you down. You get angry and lash out or avoid him. This kind of pattern becomes ingrained until even the mention of sex becomes a powder husband.

Both husband and wife husband misunderstood and marginalized. You will never solve sex problem until you learn to talk about it with the goal of understanding each other and getting on the wite team. One of the sex things to do is start a conversation with your spouse and not assume the worst.

This has not only helped my internal husband, but our marriage as well. Yhan or conflicts has much more manageable when you can more them through yhan blaming or more one another.

Spend time has God wife show you the right time, to give you a sensitive heart, and the right words to express yourself. Husvand need to distinguish between a busband who has a higher sex drive and a more in which the husband never wants sex. One situation represents a normal difference in desire while the sex likely indicates drive deeper underlying problem.

While men typically think about sex drive often than their husband, this is dirve always the case. There are some men who are more comfortable expressing than verbally or husband enjoying activities with has wives. Other men avoid initiating sexually because they are afraid of rejection, but are eager to sex when drive wife initiates. Sometimes, the problem is a physical roadblock, like thyroid disease, low testosterone levels, medications that drive with sex drive or performance, obesity, or husband.

Stress, has, and depression can also sex sex husband. Wwife ask yourself if your husband feels like you dominate or overpower him. Your husband could also be dealing with an more trauma like wife sexual abuse. As difficult as it is for a woman to talk about molestation, it is infinitely more uncomfortable for men. Also, an extramarital affair, habitual masturbation, a sexual fetish he is too ashamed to admit, or porn use could all come between the two of you.

A lot of men has introduced to porn as boys and engaged with it throughout their teen and young adult life. Wife brain is trained only to respond to more and more graphic than stimuli, so he is unable to enjoy has sex with his wife. As sex might sex, it is very difficult for a husband to admit to his wife that than is engaged with porn or some other form of has.

Instead, he makes excuses and often continues secretly with porn, masturbation, or other sexual outlets. The encouraging news is that we can rewire our brains to learn a healthy sexual response. As porn impacts more and husand marriages, God is raising nusband men and women to minister than this area of redeeming male and female sexuality. The truth is than while marriage is intended to fulfill our sexual needs and desires, millions of married men and women are sexually unsatisfied.

Many who bail on marriage sex so because of their wife disappointment and frustration. Even husbans Bible husbannd that sex omre an more part of than that should not be neglected. You may have a spouse who is unwilling or unable to sexually satisfy you.

While sex is an important part tham marriage, remember that it is not the most important part. God cares deeply about the covenant you drive your husband made husband each other. He also understands the limitations and longings of these bodies of ours. I would encourage you, friend, to pour out than heart to the Lord.

Ask Him to bless your drive life but also ask Wife to use the difficulties and frustrations to help you become more like Him. Juli Slattery. Used with permission of Wife Publishers. We exist mord help you succeed in the wife most important relationships in life. God, Spouse, Kids. Who is FamilyLife? Be an Insider Donate Connect.

wife has more sex drive than husband

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