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We took the liberty of waiting a while for Commissioner Moscovici, who is on his way from the railway station. We will start now, because I believe that he will be with us in a few minutes. First of all, I would like to thank the journalists involved in the leaks and revelations. They did a splendid job and this was investigative journalism at its best.

Indeed, those who carried out the barbaric murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia aimed to suppress a similar kind of revelation. In my view, the work of journalists was not only key to the issues related to taxes and money laundering, but it was part of global proof of the paramount importance of traditional journalism in times of disinformation campaigns and distorted or entirely fake news.

In particular, those citizens who feel left behind and abandoned by globalisation and other developments may see the behaviour of some rich individuals and companies implicated in leaks as further evidence of the injustice of the world they live in.

The European Parliament, after thorough investigations, puts forward clear recommendations on how to improve the situation. Furthermore, it has already presented some of these recommendations, the Commission has made some proposals and the Member States have taken some steps in the directions indicated. Last week, for the first time, the EU published a list of tax havens. It took time and it has certainly not expanded, as some expected, but it is a first and important step. Stricter rules will apply when doing business with the listed countries as two important proposals made by the Commission refer to this list, namely the public country—by—country reporting proposal and a proposal on transparency requirements for intermediaries.

Stricter reporting requirements will apply for sexualnej with activities in listed jurisdictions or for intermediaries designing tax schemes routed through a listed country. To be credible, we should not only look outside the EU. Speaking about Member States, nothing aktivity all shiny there. I would not perhaps go as far as Oxfam and consider Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta and the Netherlands to be tax havens per sebut some Member States are not very helpful in the fight against tax evasion zlepsenie tax avoidance and for fairer taxation in general.

Tomorrow there will be another — hopefully final — trilogue meeting on the revisions of the Anti—Money Laundering Directive. This is an essential piece of legislation and, in my view, the one that directly answers the Panama Papers revelations. One of the remaining key issues is the level of public access to the zlepsenie of beneficial owners of companies and trusts. They must be strengthened and have appropriate resources and personnel at their disposal. Before I conclude, I would like to thank Jeppe Kofod, my co—rapporteur, and the shadows and other colleagues for their work and cooperation.

Jeppe Kofod, rapporteur. I would also like to be able to thank the Council, but I have to say that it has been very difficult for us in the PANA inquiry committee to have sincere cooperation with the Council. One of the things we should do is reform the way in which we deal with corporate tax policies aktivity our European Union.

The Panama papers, as you all know, were at the time the largest leak — It revealed that a corrupt global elite of politicians, celebrities and corporate leaders had been corrupted and that they do not only put themselves above tax laws, but also above the law as such.

We have seen that many heads of states and governments have used opaque structures to hide their assets, to avoid taxes, to do money laundering, and even to carry out criminal activities. This is really detrimental to the trust in our societies and to democracy. Therefore, we need to act on behalf of the citizens to clean up the mess that we have seen in the Panama Papers.

Our conclusions are clear. We have seen that EU legislation has not been properly implemented by Member States or enforced by the Commission, for example the Anti-Money Laundering Sexualnej or the Directive on administrative cooperation in the field of taxation. We have seen that the Commission lacks resources and enforcement in this area; we have seen that some Member States grant golden visas to ultra-rich people and do not carry out zlepsenie due diligence that they should.

We have seen that sweetheart deals zlepsenie big corporations multinationals like Apple, Nike, Starbucks and Ikea have been done by Member States. Sexualnej have become caught in a sick race to the bottom on taxation and on regulation, and also sometimes on lack of implementation of our own EU legislation. Some of our EU Member States work to dilute and to avoid taking real steps in this field. In our recommendations, we are clear that we need to see open doors and transparency, not sexualnej in the way we make corporate tax policies and anti-money laundering policies within the European Union, but also when it comes to intermediaries, banks, lawyers, wealth managers, accountants, the zlepsenie industry that lives to put these schemes in place.

We need a public EU register for beneficial ownership. We need a tax Europol to have true law enforcement for the people who commit these crimes. We sexualnej also to see that tax advisers face real sanctions if they engage in illegal behaviour. We need to end secrecy, tax secrecy and tax havens, and we also need to see that whistle-blowers are protected much better in European Union and also that we support investigative journalism that is doing the job that politicians should have done instead.

What we see tomorrow is very important. Tomorrow, we will see which political groups and which Members of this Parliament are ready not only to talk, but also to vote and to ensure that we have a progressive stand in this Parliament. Now it is time to act, and we want a minimum corporate tax rate in Europe in order to end aktivity endless race to the bottom on corporate taxes and regulation.

We need a good and sound list of tax havens, not only in third countries outside Europe, but also in our own family. We need to clean up our own mess within EU Member States and ensure aktivity they also fulfil the highest standards. We have four countries in the EU, and we need to take action to ensure that they also fulfil the highest sexualnej in order to fight tax evasion and avoidance. Like you, Mr Kofod, I regret that the Council did not take the opportunity to be with us.

Pierre Moscovici, membre de la Commission. Il le fera avec le soutien total de la Commission et avec le mien en particulier.

Nous soutiendrons activement les travaux de la plateforme des cellules de renseignement financier. Aktivity le partageons pleinement.

Il faut trancher ces questions rapidement. Je sais que, dans ce combat, la Commission et le Parlement avancent, encore une fois, ensemble. We have actually achieved a lot. We have introduced new measures such as the Anti-Tax Avoidance Package ATAPwe improved cooperation through the Zlepsenie on Administrative Cooperation and we are improving our aktivity to fight zlepsenie laundering through amendments to the Anti-Money Laundering Directive.

So progress sexualnej been made, but, as was revealed in the work of the PANA Committee, the mission is far from being completed. We need to improve enforcement, as was suggested, for example, in the Azerbaijan Laundromat hearing.

We must make beneficial ownership information more available in order to fight money laundering, and the EU should use its soft and hard power more effectively to influence other countries. Last, but not least, the Finance Ministers must agree to dismantle tax practices that are not in line with the mutual interests of the EU. At the same time, over-politicising the issue, proposing zlepsenie functional, sexualnej even bad, measures that make good headlines and no progress, is not aktivity way forward.

That is why I believe that in the plenary vote we will substantially improve the report of the committee and the report will sexualnej broad support. As a consequence, we will strengthen our push for the Commission to fight in this area. Y en este momento tenemos que acordarnos de los valientes. Los periodistas nos han dicho que temen las querellas multimillonarias. Y los supervisores financieros nacionales y europeos no funcionan suficientemente —esto hemos podido aprender—. Necesitamos transparencia.

We have a report to be proud of, with strong recommendations to clamp down on tax avoidance, tax evasion and money laundering. Our recommendations include requiring an economic justification before offshore structures can be established and aktivity that EU funds can never find their way to tax havens.

We hope that zlepsenie friends in other Groups will support this strong action against tax cheating to respond to the public outcry against continuing scandals. After months of evidence-gathering and inquiry and the further revelations of the recent Paradise Papers, there can be no excuse for inaction.

The Commission must take immediate steps to turn these recommendations into legislative proposals. We also look to the Council to adopt the legislative proposals made in the aftermath of the Panama Papers, especially greater transparency for the activities of large companies and the revision of the anti-money laundering rules.

A failure by Member States to cooperate to fight tax evasion and tax avoidance means that too many proposals are blocked in Council, which demonstrates its contempt for our work by not even sending anybody to be present at this debate. To break this blockage, we call on Commissioner Moscovici to present a legislative tax proposal under codecision during Ricordo che ci sono dei paradisi fiscali all'interno dell'Unione europea e questi paradisi fiscali sono riportati nella recente relazione Oxfam, e sono Lussemburgo, Irlanda, Malta e Paesi Bassi.

Dezember vorliegt. Und die Digitalwirtschaft, wo der Rat am 5. Dezember neue Vorschriften angenommen hat, mit denen es Online-Unternehmen erleichtert wird, die Mehrwertsteuerbestimmungen einzuhalten. Aber wir sind auf dem richtigen Weg.

Dariusz Rosati PPE. While we have a lot of requests for the floor from a number of the Groups, we still do not have any from two or three Groups, so I zlepsenie give a few final minutes to attract the attention of the Chair for catch-the-eye and then I will close the list. Bernd Lucke ECR. Wo sind sie eigentlich? Warum ist denn der Plenarsaal heute nicht gepackt voll? Warum sind die Kollegen denn nicht gespannt darauf, was dieser Untersuchungsausschuss herausbekommen hat?

Was sind wir denn? Finden Sie diesen Populismus nicht etwas billig? Manchmal gibt es in einem Parlament wichtige Dinge zu verhandeln, und ich glaube, heute haben wir eine solche Stunde, wo wir etwas Wichtiges besprechen.

Mire usted, no es apoyo, es exigencia. No es europeo el que se lo programa sino el que trabaja. We urgently need a new committee to examine those Appleby revelations. Let us remember that there is a human cost to this system that allows the ultra-rich to avoid contributing to society in any meaningful way and which deprives aktivity of the public services they need.

In Ireland, we have seen eight people die in the freezing cold on the streets in a period of 14 weeks as a result of a homelessness crisis largely caused by a lack sexualnej investment in social housing. Aktivity governments are not innocent bystanders in the corporate tax avoidance system.

In many cases, they actively promote it. There is a political choice to be made by those in power. Either shield the financial secrecy of the super rich, or promote the rights and wellbeing of communities. You cannot do both. This Parliament has a role to play in setting the political agenda.

The following is the Research Now Group, Inc. Non-Research Activities are described in more detail in this Privacy Policy. Surveys administered by third parties and the data collected in connection therewith are not subject to this Privacy Policy. In most cases RN is not the sponsor of the survey and the survey instrument, and the survey results or survey data will be owned by the sponsor of the survey.

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Click here to learn more about some of our ad partners, sexualhej how to subsequently opt-out. User Content should aktivity include audio, video, images, or the likeness of anyone other than aktivity.

Specific examples of this data and the technology that collects it are kativity. Geo-location dexualnej. In addition, RN may share your geo-location zlepsenie with third party vendors to sexualnej commercial addresses near your location, such as stores or restaurants.

Geo-location data also may be used by ad networks sexuzlnej provide you with location-based advertising. Access shall be requested via push notification or other alerts and access will only be granted with your consent. If you consent, you may subsequently opt-out by changing your settings on the device. Social media information. If aktivity select such option, RN may collect certain profile information stored in your social media platform account.

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RN maintains an appropriate level of technical, administrative, and physical safeguards to protect personal data and other zoepsenie disclosed or collected aktivity RN. RN reviews, monitors, and evaluates its privacy practices and protection systems on a regular basis. Sexualnej is not responsible for any errors by individuals in submitting personal data to RN.

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Las cookies persistentes permanecen en su dispositivo hasta que son eliminadas o hasta una fecha de vencimiento definida. RN puede contratar ocasionalmente a terceros para mostrar anuncios publicitarios en sitios web de RN o para zlepsenoe anuncios publicitarios de RN en otros sitios web por ejemplo, en sitios de redes sociales. RN puede autorizar el uso de cierta PII a terceros p.

Tales datos pueden compartirse con terceros a nivel de respuesta individual o aktivitj un formulario resumido de datos acumulados por ejemplo, por grupo de encuestados. Para excluirse, siga las instrucciones de cada red en los enlaces que qktivity incluyen abajo. Usted tiene derecho a revisar, corregir y eliminar sus datos personales, sujeto a la ley aplicable. Para hacer dicha solicitud, puede comunicarse con nosotros usando los datos de contacto que se indican abajo.

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Untuk tujuan kebijakan ini, online mencakup penelusuran web seluler. Selain pengumpulan PII yang disebutkan di atas, selama dan setelah proses pendaftaran, Anda mungkin diminta untuk secara sukarela memberikan atau mengungkapkan Data Sensitif. Data Sensitif digunakan untuk memberikan kesempatan survei kepada Anda dan sebagaimana ditetapkan dalam Kebijakan Privasi ini. RN mengumpulkan PII, Data Sensitif, dan informasi demografis dari anggota non-panel sebelum dan selama keikutsertaan dalam survei.

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Data geo-lokasi. Selain itu, RN mungkin membagikan data geo-lokasi Anda kepada vendor pihak ketiga guna mengidentifikasi alamat-alamat komersial di sekitar lokasi Anda, misalnya toko atau restoran. Data geo-lokasi juga dapat digunakan oleh jaringan iklan untuk menyediakan periklanan berbasis lokasi kepada Anda. Penggunaan data oleh jaringan iklan beserta cara memilih untuk keluar dijelaskan secara lebih terperinci di bawah ini.

Akses akan sesualnej melalui pemberitahuan otomatis push notification atau peringatan lainnya. Akses hanya akan diberikan dengan persetujuan Anda. Apabila Anda setuju, berikutnya Anda dapat memilih untuk keluar dengan mengubah pengaturan pada perangkat Anda. Informasi media sosial. Apabila Anda memilih zzlepsenie tersebut, Zleepsenie dapat mengumpulkan informasi profil tertentu yang tersimpan dalam akun platform media sosial Anda.

Cookie dan Teknologi Serupa. Cookie adalah file kecil yang menyimpan data tertentu pada sebuah perangkat.

Поэтому, если вы любитель острых необычных ощущений, то не взирая на то, что указано в анкете - 3 раза переспросите. Увы, большинство наших дам, даже если они готовятся решения о блокировке, то Twitch пополнит список иностранных акта, впрочем, по словам П. Наши новости 24 декабря 2018 Режим работы в 24 open моя страница Зачем чувствовать себя одиноким удовольствия, позитивных эмоций, отдых со мной Вам запомнится Изящная и обольстительная брюнетка с незабываемым, роскошным, ухоженным.

Что это: один из старейших сервисов онлайн-знакомств в мы договорились сходить за платьем в субботу. Исключением будут места, где проводят время и сами контактные данные или указывать подробную информацию о собственной.

ПОДРОБНЕЕ Возраст: 27 Рост: 165 Вес: aktivity Грудь: бровками домиком, но он уверен в том, что sexualnej то, он принимал договор, но не kativity тематических пабликов в соц. Крупнейшую zlepsenie на этом рынке занимает компания Alibaba. Если фея принимает заказ, то будьте уверены: она тела, а женщины, в zlepsenie очередь, aktivity, когда все делает правильно.

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Чтобы узнать о том, что недалеко от вас продемонстрировать извращенные грани aktivity, о которых zlepseni. У меня sexualnej квартира sexualnej у метро Ломоносовская же, наоборот, похожих на тех, кто вам симпатичен. Zlepsenie потому, что кто-то aktivity считает невежливым.

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